Toys for tomorrow.

What does a toy means in simple words – A toy which brings joy on the face, toys that makes the person to play with it. Remember the days when you were child, what kind of toys you possess. Every country, cultures have own special toy or fables associated with it. That have very own charm. Just like if you think of your toys collection, you could come up with own world; made of several stories with vivid characters. Ahh, what were those toys, so good!
Good, what does a ‘Good toy’ means? That have more play value or expensive with good quality. Well, I would say a good toy would be that make a child to play with it again & again without getting bore. That could give! a new possibility to smile, learn & observe every time you play with it. Same time it has the power that it not allow to rule over the kid’s fantasy. A good toy could make a child empower enough to cope up with real life. Again, what does ‘good toys’ means? Should it be simple so that children could also make and low-cost so that people could afford it.

Good toys means loosing up the imagination while playing. But what if there are good toys but no more good children to play with it. What I mean, with too much exposure to media, TV, and internet children loosing their innocence far quickly and that’s making them mature fast in terms of emotions and intellect and they are no longer willing to play with toys. Who is responsible other than media etc. Isn’t soc! iety, family plays a major role in children upbringing. After all so m any factors are responsible like, children’s situation in today’s family (Nuclear), Children relation to new technologies & media, children & consumerism and all factors related to child care & play. And play with toys has a major role in child-child, adult- child relation and child’s relation with its environment. This way children and parents need to spend more toys. Awareness among teachers to understand the importance of toy and play. Requirement of proper environment for that like play space. Otherwise what the use, child will hardly play with those toys and switch back to television. Or finishing off the homework on time is the best way to please parents, teachers and in all this forgetting about the importance to play.

Seriously today’s children life become so much Mechanical kind and that ‘tomorrow’ is not far away when there would be hardly difference left between a child and a robot. Introducing some good toys that really make them feel like to p! lay as well as making their parents, teachers understand the importance of ‘Good-playing, good-living’. That could connect them to their families, society and environment. That could bridge the difference and make the life much more playful by telling their parents, teachers how a good toy helps in improving the observational skills, creativity and leading to more intellectual level. Because toys are not merely objects of consumption but also important for the overall development of a child.