Don’t go for multitasking. Use Multimind.

Mutlitasker is the buzzword now a days either found in a fresher’ resume or in a conversation with friends. I can manage 5 things at time; driving talking over phone, smoking, listening the endless talks of girlfriend and music. That’s what we do, either at home or in workplace.
But see, the time taking in doing many things at a time & total time of doing the things. Its not about taking more time but also about the quality of the work. That’s what the new research tells. “Kids that are instant messaging while doing homework, playing games online and watching TV, I predict, aren’t going to do well in the long run.” From Time Magazine (Via : Creating Passionate Users).

Sure, one could perform multitask at a time, but what the end result would be, specially in the case of creative field, where people doing design & development and when mind stop bringing any great idea after a time. After all our brain have certain number of pattern and out ideas or concepts could be based & comes from there only.
Ok, multitasking is not so good but what about ‘Multi mind’. Yes, did you ever realize when you are doing brainstorming with others, words strike faster than ever. Or when you are discussing a problem with your colleagues, you are able to generate much more practical & good concepts. And in a way it promotes healthy peer work. Anyway, this is more about multitasking and people who are so much addicted to it that they couldn’t leave this thing even while sleeping. Go, and read more here.

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