Liking the disliked.

Remember a story, a boy in search of the greenest, longest grass; kept walking by thinking he might fine the best one. In the end there were no too good ones. And the rule was that he can’t turn back.
People (read: designing students) keep hunting for best projects that they would like to work on but in all this they are simply neglecting the ones that might have some hidden potential.
The basis of rejecting a project could be:
– Company is not too big.
– Stipend (& perks) is not too good.

– The place is not too good to live for.
: Traffic : water : food etc.
– Project is not so interesting.
– People.
– Lack of resources.

There could be end numbers of reasons or say excuses on the name hunting for projects.
I have seen my friends cribbing about this & that. The system doesn’t help in finding out or even if they get they keep applying everywhere.
They take months even years for finalizing to a project by the time, who is paying for institute’s fee, who is ruining the precious time and most of all who is hurting the self esteem.

What I personally don’t like when they say, it’s not a good subject to work or simply I don’t like. But at times what one initially found non interesting goes to an interesting end. At times one starts liking the unlike topics.
How can one define its not so good, boring thing to do. See, the main thing would be then making the boring more interesting. Challenge would be that, how to execute it in such a manner that comes to a great solution. If it’s already clear then what the point it carrying it forward on the name of designing. As the design word says – solving a problem.
Through some general problems comes that’s could come on later stage of life too. Like how to manage with given resources, manpower, working in an industry etc. These kinds of things have to happen sooner or later. Just by being a student for how long can you avoid these situations.
Being a Designer is not so simple and hunting for good projects is not at all easy.

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