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XI th DBM (Delhi Bloggers Meet) with BBC. Yeah, three people (Bill, Julian, Gareth) from BBC, UK came to India. Bill is one of the Britain’s leading authority on blogging and Net activism and advises the EU. He also writes a column for BBC’s website. While Julian is broadcast journalist & producer of the BBC world programme Digital Planet and Gareth is the presenter of same show.
Then there were regular DBM members along with lots of new members and very old members, coming from 1st DBM that happened in 13th January, 2004. Like Twilight Fairy, she is regular from very 1st DBM meet.

Initial DBMs used to be about photography or discussing given issues or just for the sake of a meet but this DBM was special as we were talking about the Indian blogging scenario in a global context. How more & more people are being aware of Blog ( as you might know the percentage of internet user in India is less compare to USA & UK internet population, now imagine the time they spend on internet specially for blogging). We talked about personal stuff writing bloggers to professional & corporate bloggers. How now a days bloggers started making money by using blogging as a source of income and how effective is cyber journalist.
Some issues like accessibility etc were also discussed. What bloggers blog about – Is it good to give links to others websites or jotting down own original thoughts about an issue. How long they remain an active member, the frequency of their posts.
I came back quite early so I missed the 2nd half. More reviews should be on the other DBM members’s blogs.

Here are some of captured moments at India Habitat Centre, 6th may, 06, 6:30 pm onwards.


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12 thoughts on “Blog Culture

  1. […] Paavani has an article and some photos on the same that you may want to check out. I reached there a bit late, was there for a very short duration and was very silent. I guess these blog meets are not for me – unless the talks are over drinks (the group also went to a pub but that happened after the first couple of hours) or the agenda is something more focused or the topic is new. And it did appear that I am not as passionate about blogging as a lot others sounded there – I just write and then it acts as a wonderful marketing tool for my company Tekriti and can contribute to our corporate blogs through the same. […]

  2. hey guys

    I m a newbie in the world of blogs.seems interesting…dunno how to proceed though…can anyone guide ?


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