Cities of life.

When I woke up today’s morning trees was washed and roads were wet. Yeah, today morning Delhi had showers of rain. Life on roads was crawling and took longer than what people take time to travel, as city was not prepared for uncertain rain. I got lost in memories and that took me to the cities where I have been in past years.

Visiting a country or city is much more different than living and working in it. Then only one get the real feel of the place when one stay there for a period of time not like being a guest. When he communicate, search for grocery shops, super markets and where to get home delivery of cheap yet yummy food. Not like seeing the monumental sights or going to biggest mall or ordering delicious dinner by sitting in five star hotel. And when one ownself finds out the details that is what called getting ‘city experience’. I read somewhere- “The world is like a book, if you don’t travel, you only read one page”. My list is quite long to visit this wonderful world, will talk about it some other day.
For now here goes the list of some cities where I stayed in recent past.

Ahmedabad – It is in Gujrat state, this city is full of enthusiasm, colors and traditions. People are nice, friendly thorough little bit orthodox. If you know Hindi, you can understand bit of Gujrati too.
Pros : Safest city for women, you can travel alone. Just be careful while visiting old city areas in riots time or something. Enjoy ice-cream (It is world largest ice-cream consuming city.), milk products at cheap rate.
Cons : It’s a dry state so be careful if you thinking to booze there. Be alert, as you never know when earthquake shakes you from sound sleep.

Chennai – It is automobile hub of India. As it lies on the thermal equator so weather is always hot and full of humidity. Filter coffee is specialty and you can get good south indian breakfast every morning.
Pros : If you are a beach person, you would love to go for morning or evening walk either on famous marina beach or beach near your place.
Cons : Water problem, Drink only mineral water. Language is again a problem.

Gurgaon – It is in Haryana state and Delhi’s NCR. Historically it is connected with Hindu mythology (Mahabhartya). Its is India biggest outsourcing hub and all major MNC offices and IT & BPO companies are here.
Pros : You would love skyscrapers and Multiplexes in this city. You will get world class living apartment with security, 24-hour power backup and water; on a good high price for sure.
Cons : Public Transport. Get a car for every family member. There are no auto rickshaws or anything if you want to communicate in the city or even problem if you are coming from outside. And currently no plan of connecting it with Delhi’s Metro trains.

New Delhi – Capital of India, have everything that you would like to have in a metro. Cultural diversity as people from all states comes here still you will feel Punjabi flavor at every corner of the city.
Pros : Wider and connected roads. Nice places to roam around, enjoy mughlai cuisine. Being here is like seeing the whole India from local perspective.
Cons : Water problem in most of the areas, Not too safe to travel alone and Auto rickshaws walas are moody.

Mumbai – This metro is in Mahrastra state. Famous bollywood is here only. Weather is always same throughout the year. And Mumbai’s rain; the local people are just used to it better you to be.
Pros : This city remains awake 24 hours. It is quite safe to travel alone. Can get food and wine easily.
Cons : Traffic is terrible. As city never sleeps so you can get struck up in traffic anytime you go.
More on city’s life in next episode.

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