How to do Quick assignment.

If you are a designer (any kind of graphic, industrial), chances are often people will come to you to ask how will this look or taking suggestions. So how do you, while you are working on a busy project? Even in a company other departments’ guys could approach to design a logo or Design a T-shirt for upcoming event. And at times these assignments are on urgent basis. Like not much time, 1-2 days.
I remember my 1st week of Industrial design, Design overview course, it was like you will get an assignment in the morning and by the end of day you finish it with mock-ups.
What are the steps to do a Quickie assignment (design)?

Once you get a project brief, how do you generate concepts :
Phase I : Understand the client/ user – Designing is about People. So even before starting coming up with a vague idea think who are the users, how to work on idea by keeping in mind the constraints given by client.
Phase II : Brainstorming : Starts with recollecting all your previous generated ideas and products seen till date in reference to the given project. This will increase the list and you will get good information. Just jot down points/ features/ products/ ideas/ material etc. on a sheet of paper.

Phase III : Representation – Make a sketch, doodle out, so that you get a 3-D picture of the idea. You will get an idea of material specification, functionality, mechanism even before making something concrete. It is good to do in the sense of getting the complexity that could arise at later stage.

Phase IV : Presentation – If you have to show it to others or even not its always good to do. As it gives clarity not only to you but also to the concerned person. Conveying your idea that is easy to understand should be there. You are a designer, can imagine in 3-D doesn’t mean others too.

Phase V : Detailing – once an idea is freeze you can proceed to the detailing of it. Detailed 3- D drawing of it and what are color possibilities, costing etc.

Phase VI : Mockups – If your idea is little bit complex make a small mockup or prototype so that anyone can understand. You can know people opinion on the same, how are their response, it is like doing in-house testing or asking to your friends what they think of this product. It will give you the common idea about product sustainability.

Phase Forever : Keep discussing – discuss your ideas with as many people as possible. It’s not that you go and start doing testing/research. But if you interact with someone while in pantry or in cab just ask what do think of this idea even if you are designing a logo ask to others. Even what is their response on any of similar existing product. For example if you are designing new corporate identity you could ask to people what do they think of new reliance mobile logo, what it’s conveying to you.

Might be I am missing some points but well these phase again depend on the individual’s approach and the demand of the project.

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