Green Alphabets.

5th June- The world environment day.
So what are you doing today, planting or what great are you doing to make our world green?
World, which is loosing the greenness of it day by day as the consumption of hardware and robotic life is expanding, World where global warming is increasing and source of water is evaporating. What are you guys doing, why not learn something; like Alphabets!

A – Awareness – Making people aware, they are literate still they don’t know.
B – Beware – Warn them, what they are loosing, what will not see at all in near future.

C – Confess – What bad & good you did to your mother Earth.
D – Degradable – What ever you create/generate is it degradable.
E- Eco friendly – Go eco friendly- Take a jute bag, Wear khadi.
F- Friends– Talk to trees, Yes, you never know your next design‘s form and functionality is inspired from a plant.

G – Green design – Think green, to generate green designs ideas.
H – Honor it – Environment gives you so much like O2, one should be grateful.
I – Imagine – If I am a tree, what would ‘I’ expect from the world full of humans like us.
J – Join – Communities/ groups/ Network to spread the message and to learn from others.

K – Keep cleanness – don’t spit, don’t throw garbage on roads.
L – Love it – Love the smell of nature that you can’t enjoy by sitting in an A.C. room.
M- Make it happen – even a single person’s steps can make it happen.
N – No to pollution – Noise/ water or any kind of.
O – Obey the rule – Know your rights and follow it.

P – Prevent the extinct – Wildlife animals even the existing one before it’s too late.
Q – Quit bad habits – Like smoking.
R – Recyclable products – Use it i.e. using handmade paper will save 1 tree at least.
S – Sustainability – Whenever design, manufacturing think of it.

T – Trees – Plant a tree and celebrate it birthday.
U – Use wisely – Save the resources- don’t waste water, paper, petrol or anything, use it wisely.
V – Vivacious – Full of life where wind is passing from green tress, dew drops are shining bright in sun light.
X – Xperimental – Don’t restrict yourself; come up with ideas that are really good to protect our earth.

Y – Young – As you like to stay young, full of energy why not do the same for Earth.
Z – Zing up – With all this show up vigor for green and clean earth.

So are you ready to Go Green !

Paavani © 2006
Disclaimer :
When some of friends doubted by saying its not written by me, here I have to mentioned it’s by me only and 45 min effort to write and if you see, these alphabets are more focused on ‘Green design’.

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