All about Top!

Now a day I am seeing lots of articles on history of football and the interesting post on clothes peg.

So I also thought of writing on something specific like – spinning top- it was extremely popular at certain phase now it lost its charm and replaced by other similar kind of toys like BeybLades. But before writing anything I am just missing my friend, who used to be literally ‘mad’ about tops. Even she designed few tops in her academic years.
I watched an awesome film by Charles Ray on Tops.

Charles Ray TOP filmLight emitting TopsMagnetic topsKeychain top

It was awesome short film; starts with spinning the tops to all tops stopping.

The history of tops is so old that the exact period is unknown. Might be it was invented by rotating a sharp pointed stone or something like that. Or just took the inspiration from the earth and other objects in space that turn around their axis. That’s different it is one of the earliest toy that patented in USA. There were interesting stories about tops in 1800-1900 time. If people in India call it ‘lattu’ then in Chinese its called Da-bo-gai and Thai calls it by Too-loo name. Check this page of language.
Even different countries have own preferences over types of tops like the large plunger top in America. And in Europe whipping top was more popular. It spun by hitting it with a lash or whip. The peg top is spun by winding a string around the top and throwing the top to unwind the string and make the top spin.So are the
tops which gives special effects while spinning like -Light, sound, colors, drawing, round or elliptical motion, pieces come out, lifting and optical illusions.Beside spinning around tops has been used for gambling, prophecy and some gamers use it as a dice for generating random results.
The action of top is because of the gyroscopic effect for its operation.
Precession of Spinning Top

Typically the top will at first wobble until the shape of the tip and its interaction with the surface force it upright. After spinning upright for an extended period, the angular momentum, and therefore the gyroscopic effect, will gradually lessen, leading to ever increasing precession, finally causing the top to topple in a frequently violent last thrash.

Some more interesting facts there is top museum in Wisconsin, USA. And Mr. Chang Tai-Yuan is World Top Record Holder! Hall Graham spun a spinning top for 2 hours 52 minutes 11 seconds before its rim made contact with the ground, at Woodstock High School, Georgia, USA, on December 18, 1998.And if you already like top and good in spinning you would be happy to know about International Top spinners association. Browse this to know the tricks that you can do with your new spinning top! And yes, 11 October is world Top spinning day

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