Football Fever & Italy.

Victory striked after 24 years. Finally Italy won the world cup. French wine didn’t work. I’m not going to write more about soccer. As already lots of people wrote about it. I enjoyed yesterday (9th july) match. Actually I was not watching and talking with a friend who is in Italy. They guys were going to see second half on big screen. And seems so excited that I could saw that in letters of our chat. And yesterday only I received few pictures of Rome from my friend.

Colosseo.JPG Italy 1.JPG

I always thought of visiting Italy specially Rome once. I was just browsing net and found some information.

Italy 2.JPG fontana-di-trevi.JPG

Italy is a highly developed country with the 8th highest GDP (2006). Italy word derived from a word that means Bull.Now comes the most important thing the Renaissance period. You might have read this word in history or in details if you are into architecture, design field. That influenced the whole European culture and other parts too. Because of cultural heritage it has been an influential place for designers. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael are few of them. In terms of science too some great scientists came from here – Galileo, Fibonacci (remember Fibonacci series) etc.

And your favorite fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Gianni Versace, Prada and Giorgio Armani are all big names in the fashion and glamour world. After all Italy is well known for setting trends and responsible for the revolution of haute- couture.
Not only in fashion but Italy given great designs to automobile companies too. And creativity and level of excellence you can see in Ferrari or Peugeot205 and Fiat Uno designed by Pininfarina.
And the story behind Vespa scooter (I have seen the success of it in India) is that after second world war Mass destruction weapons companies- which made warplanes etc were in trouble so to make living by using more practical transport.

Italian leather sofas are always a preferred choice when things come to choose furniture for living room. Might be it is in the great heritage of art and architecture of this country, from Renaissance era to Rococo period. Check these classic designs of Italian furniture.
What to say about Italian food, you all love pizza & pasta. Through northern Italian cuisine favors butter & mascarpone cheese and southern use more of mozzarella cheese.
Ahh I can sense the smell coming from the near by food court.

Thanks to Pragati for sharing photographs of Italy.

Italy 3.JPG Italy.JPG

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