Moods of Monsoon.

Im an instant poet. What I mean by this, I generally don’t write poems. Neither in hindi nor in english but when a line or some words strikes in my mind I make it rythmic. I always finish it with in few minutes otherwise I can’t complete it. That’s why my poems are result of 10-15 minutes and I call it Instant poem.
here goes one of such poem after ages.


आँसू बहूमूलय या बारिश की बूँद,कया पता
गरज कर बरसे,या चुपचाप हूए लापता।
वो बडती धङकन थी, या बिजली की कङक
दूर छूपे है इतने जहॉ ना जाती कोई सडक।
सूनहरी धूप से झाँकते रूई के गौलौं
हाथौ से ना पकङौ, नजरौ से टटलौ।
जब पास बुलाया था तो दूर चले गये

अब आज कैसे धने कोहरे से झांक रहे।
सूरज के साथ खेलना लूकाधिपी
सात रंगौं के साथ पककी दोसती।
अजीब ही आदत हैं इनकी,राजा हैं मन मरजी के
जब चाँहे आ धमके, मन हूआँ तो रिमझिम बरसे।

19 July, 2006. 8:56 pm

This poem is in Hindi, and what its saying is- talking about Indian Monsoon which is so unpredictable.

People become excited even by seeing the clouds, or little drizzling.

It’s the rain that brings the smile on farmer’s face when the crop goes green. A couple goes for walk in hand in hand and umbrella flies away. Or when traffic get struck up because of poor water congestion. Dirty water fills up in a small house where 8 people live in one room. When you sip the hot cup of tea with aloo pakore. And I write this by sitting in window and with in-between views of outside green & blue beauty.

10 thoughts on “Moods of Monsoon.

  1. Nice Kavita.
    Yes,monsoons apart from bringing relief from the heat and also something to do with the softening of light.In India we have so much sun,so much blinding light…

    After the rain the earth looks just very beautiful and I like to put it this way- “Nature has put on all her ornaments”. (I read this somewhere sometime ago).

  2. Thanks Girl. :smile:

    Yeah Siddharth, that’s why see the colors after rain, the goldenness would be different than the previous sun light.
    BTW I liked the line that you quoted.

    Austere I can understand. Mumbai situation in monsoon. :mad:

    Whats your problem Ashish, if my words attract others. You could write in more attractive way. :wink: Let’s compete.

  3. Nice Poem

    i wanted to comment and reply with another poem but didn’t have hinidi font here . neway i will save it for some other time

    you have a nice blog .. will come back

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