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P3P (page 3 people) is an old-age term now. ‘Blogger’ is in. So if on one hand the term got popular, on the other hand the fights between bloggers became more prevalent. Realistically speaking, the addition of the word to English dictionary is not that new. Blogging existed since 1994 but the word became more widespread as internet became more and more popular. RediffBlogs played a big role in getting blogs accepted in India when they came up with their blogging platform. I still remember early days of 2003, when I somehow landed to this blogsphere and met lot of interesting bloggers from India and other parts of the world. The popular blog sites during those days were Typepad, Blogspot & Sulekha - to some extent. Movable Type (MT) came after that, followed by WordPress.The trend of owning a space to blog was on the verge of getting accepted and has become very common now as more and more people realize the impact a blog can make. Different controversies had their role in awakeing the Indian blogosphere, like IIPM Case, where one Blogger had to quit his job at IBM, and another blogger Varna got a legal notice. Consequently, bloggers like Kaps took the initiative to fight against IIPM and the other bloggers added fuel to the fire by blogging more.

Different kinds of issues and calamities also helped, in a way, bloggers to blog as much as possible. A lot of us are already familiar with Desipundit which is omnipresent with the best of Indian blogs. Blogging is about posting huge amount of information (bloggers’ views, blog readers comments and links to connects with rest) on any issues - from a C grade film to “Why bush did this”, “Tsunami causes” to “Mumbai blasts victims”, “home fights” and “love stories”. The presence of a good repository of poems and photography (Flickr that made the life easy for every Digi cam holder) and the existence of myspace and other social networking sites on the internet made life easier for avid bloggers. And with all this Techo guys became more geek and non-techie became more technically sound.

I remember when I attended the 1st Delhi bloggers meet in early 2004, there were around 22 bloggers (almost everybody in the group turned up for the event though it required a lot of effort). One of our meets got some coverage in the newspapers and we were on Times of India. Another DBM meet last November saw a Times of India journalist to spy on what do actually bloggers do in these meets. I believe few items in the agenda were to find out the most popular blogger or to find out if only software guys maintain blogs. From that time to till date almost 12 meets have happened. The number of bloggers attending these meets falls down number of times. Our last meet that had 3 people from BBC gave our group lots of popularity and made many bloggers to attend the event. This gave birth to a new concept - of calling a guest (someone quite known) blogger in these meetups. For example, in this 12th DBM Joshua (also member) was expected and around 22 blogger turned up except him.

I was absent this time. And when I asked people about the meet, a few (without taking their name) told you did not miss much. And at the same time, I read reviews with people saying, “absent bloggers - you missed a lot”. But how can I forget a statement by a blogger friend, who after attending the last meet said - I am not going to come for such events in future. It�s always the same. So the question is when there is a popularity of such event, people love to be part of bloggers meet even though internally they feel its more like a socializing meet. And you expect to meet new friends and on getting chances, you mingle up. There are a few bloggers who write to impress their girlfriends or make a impression amongst their friends’ circle. There are others who do a more professional job to prove their technical superiority over others at their work-place.

Coming back to latest DBM, some bloggers who quit the group just recently made a re-entry through this blog meet. What could be the reason? I asked and found nothing much other than “meeting friends” (whom they are in touch) as the reason. So is the agenda of meets really this?

A funny thing is the existence of 2 DBM (Delhi Bloggers meet) groups. Why did they never become one? And what were the issues that rose up for registration and most important what about those bloggers’ opinion who joined both the groups? Is there any difference. Infact both groups organize their meets around same dates (one was on Saturday & other on Sunday). Is it also a propaganda for catching attention?Who are the people who actually do the politics? This blog politics is much more visible if you observe it closely. And everyone is free here, with no one to command or rule. Is blogging more about linking each other � “you wrote this & that” and “Now I will see you in the blog battle-field!”There are more and more portals promoting blogs - recently Sunsilk (a shampoo brand) introduced new website, and a News channel came up with Blog feature. Companies from big names like TIS to startups are promoting corporate blogging. And some of them say that they even look for employee�s blogs for a reference-check. So, if HR is paying attention to your personal views and professional choices through your blog, who wouldn�t like to be a famous blogger? Getting fame by blogging about controversial topics or making an issue out of nothing is also not too rare. I read few mails in my blogger group where someone claimed about gaining popularity - by being on news channel as the leader and talking about each & every issues of interest to either self or others.

Diverting a huge amount of traffic could be done either through a good blog post or by picking up a current subject and talking just the opposite of what others are saying (as in the example few days back when some of blogs were banned in India). Bloggers were upset. Some went to IHC, talked about petition and got media coverage. On the other hand, there were a few who supported the decision taken by Indian Govt. on the banning of blogs and got a bit of argument going in their post. After all, there aren’t many who would be supporting the system when it was evident that there were a lot of people opposing a decision by a corrupt system.

And bloggers are earning a lot too - read here for a very good example. And don't forget to check Hugh’s cartoons. Hugh 's cartoon on blog & money.

Lots of bloggers already mentioned about the different ways to attract more traffic, the general etiquette of commenting, and how to write good post etc. Here is something similar about if want to be popular. You might be following few of them already!

Blogger�s popularity tools :

Blog popularity tools

Subjects- news, issues, general etc.
Bloggers their popularity level, link to old written blogs.
Countries From Pakistan, China even region (like Kashmir) specific.
Tag Easy to google out.

Presentation use of graphics, photos, italics & underlines also.
Blog URL the punch line, title of each blog post.
Other medium- where they talk about own blog- emails, chat, forums etc.

26 thoughts on “Blog for the quick fame.

  1. Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I just find it interesting that bloggers in India hold meetings! It just shows how pasionate people have become towards online journals and how they spend time tackling relevant topics and putting them into writing. If you’d like, maybe you could also spend your time at webdate__dot__com! Not only could you share your thoughts with the people there, but also meet and go out with them in the porcess. Try it!

  2. Amit- I guess, now its quite clear to read and if you it well, you will not get confuse this time.

    Patrix, ahh so tired last night so thought of formatting in morning. BTW thanks for Verma/Varna confusion. I Thought I know surname and wondering I don’t rem. the name.

  3. interesting post, especially th point of sayingthe exact opposite to the mainstream view so that you attract eye-balls and comments, but even then a new blogger who doesnt really have blogger-friends might still find it difficult to get traffic into his/her sight. The new blogger needs to spend some-time going around the blogosphere commenting on people’s blogs in the hope that the courtesy will be returned (like me here). So the strategy isnt that simple.

  4. Well, I’d agree, not much in the last blogger meet happened if you wanna compare if with the last that you attended, but I wouldn’t say that I won’t attend these meets from now on. If nothing else, its meeting with other people that one can look forward to if one is not an introvert!! ;)

    As for the 2 blogger meets & the story, don’t go into it, you’ll have to dig lots of skeletons for that!! :P

    And if you are interested, another blogger meet is there, on this Sunday(6th) where topics like the commercial factor of blogs etc will be discussed. You can get the time & place details here. :)

  5. Err.. ditto as amitken.. what’s the point exactly?? and Paavani – why rake up the dead issue (delhi bloggers) yet another time?! It has been a year to it, can we not just let it be? :roll:

    Moreover, regarding whether coming to a meet is useful or useless.. it’s everyone’s individual opinion yaar.. surely you would know better than to get swayed by two opposite opinions. Be there to decide on your *own*. Ppl like me and amitken really really enjoyed this meet, because we met old friends, laughed around, poked fun, met some more new/interesting ppl and had a great time! Those who did not enjoy or who swear not to come again, may be the sorts who never even came out of their introvert shells while being in the meet all the time! No one is going to spoonfeed them to opening up with all others (though in a lot of meets I have tried that with newbies). One’s gotta make an effort to be a part of an “existing group”. Else well, you may just get overwhelmed by “everyone else” enjoying and you sitting in a corner. :???:

    “Who are the people who actually do the politics? This blog politics is much more visible if you observe it closely.” duh!!! this really escapes me.. what politics? You seem to think that both “groups” organised their meets deliberately around the same time to get back at each other?! this is the most assuming statement in this post. :shock:

    “This gave birth to a new concept – of calling a guest (someone quite known) blogger in these meetups.” err… excuse moi!! another assumption! :???: Just who told u that there is this “new concept” in place? :neutral: . The XIIth DBM had NO celeb, it was yet another DBM organised by someone who wanted to meet all the others! The BBC meet had acquired grand proportions simply because of the brand. For the record, there is absolutely no “concept” in place that you are talking abt.

  6. Excellent post, Paavani.

    I don’t even know why are Twilight Fairy and Amit Gupta thinking it is something ‘against’ DBM. It’s an opinion concerning bloggers, in general. Twilight – you don’t own the DBM – do you? Your comment was pretty amusing, because it gave me that feeling. If you want to just ‘meet’ old friends – it’s better to not confuse people by calling it a bloggers meet (except that when blog is discussed – it’s always on the same topic) and then wasting everybody’s time. It might make more sense if you try not to keep wearing the DBM hat all the time and then think / comment.

    I have been to 2 blog meets with ‘this group’ and 1 with the ‘other group’ – I have the same opinion as Paavani (though I do think that the other group does a better job of setting expectations). I also don’t think that I will go to any more meet where I will discuss “Why do I blog?” whether it’s BBC or its CNBC who are present. Ah – I have discussed it with a lot of people and lot many times before.

    BTW Paavani – I like your diagram. Keep up the good work, girl. You are living to the tagline of the blog “I think therefore I write” – I am sure there will be many more who will say “I like the honesty and to-the-point approach therefore I read” :-)

  7. Ashish, you seem to be as confused as Paavani about certain “facts”, that is all I can say. :roll: . Considering the “this group/that group” hat that you keep wearing all the time, I dont even think there’s any point in trying to reason with you. :neutral:

  8. and BTW ashish, may I dare suggest something to you (rather than the other way around), considering your tendency to start personal attacks by the minute? :neutral: . Why dont *u* try organising the kind of meet you think should happen? If you think there should be an agenda for a meet, well then more ppl than u wd even care to imagine, want just a platform to meet new ppl who are bloggers. They dont want agendas binding them down (though there have been several agendas in the past). And regarding a meet with a different agenda which might not bore his highness, well, let’s see you organising something rather than whining and cribbing all the time. It’s very easy to jump at someone’s case. If you have really been there, dont that, at least then you wuold have the right to be so self righteous.

  9. Yes – Miss Fairy. I don’t have anything to do with ‘organizing’ any meet of the kind you try to organize. No, sorry, I can’t do this – I really have better things to do. Unfortunately, the kind of meets I attend and organize will not interest you – and I don’t want to go into why’s.

    It might just be better to not mix discussions at different places and make it a personal battle. Restrain from passing judgement and stay focused on the topic and I will answer then.

    Just one word – chill! :-)

  10. Hello Pavani,

    Here from DB group site.

    Saw my name mentioned, so a quick note.
    I’m not worthy to be called a ‘guest’ and to my knowledge, there was nothing of that sort. I joined the group to meet you all and talk and have fun. Period.

    But I’m really sorry I couldn’t turn up because of unavoidable work at office that popped in the last hour.

    As the other points you discuss aren’t familiar to me, I’d leave them as they should be. On a passing mention, may I suggest this: debates/diff of opinion are healthy and necessary. But ending up frustrated because things are not happening the way you want, is a short sighted response. Let’s talk and engage in in conversations as grown-ups do. Right?


  11. ditto ashish, ditto. :grin: Just chill.. and BTW try practising what u preach (mixing discussions at different places and making it a personal battle is something u are very much upto in spite of the condescending bhaashan) :razz:

  12. the last comment’s last word says it all: “chill”. why turn that post/blog into a personal battle?

    the internet should be big enough for co-existing opinions on blogging/blog popularity/blogger meetings, right?

    right. don’t fight. :wink:

  13. Hi Paavani,

    Interesting article .I was a member ( I guess I still am ) of DB@yahoo and have been getting these digest emails.I did try to send one to introduce myself long back but I guess the group owner(s) didn’t like it and hence didn’t publish it .Although it was plain introduction mail

    Off late I observed the quality of e-mail exchange depreciated substantially over time and now the new controversy has left with no reason but to quit.

    I guess a forum should be simple and plain ,very low on politics .the group owner (I dont who , who they are) should take a cue from DesiPundit ,which are Indeed doing a fine Job

    I liked your page, came here first time and I’ll be regular here .You have a way with words .

    Appreciate it

  14. VJ, just FYI, every mail that u write on the list goes to the list instead of any “owners”. BTW ur intro mail did reach the gp adn it did get responses too. But maybe like the fact that you didnt even remember subscribing to this list, maybe u just 4got that u ever got responses to ur intro.


  15. When I wrote this blog I thought about what actually bloggers do/write that make them popular.

    Well, Over this weekend I received lots of email, had talked and chat over this blog post on mine.
    As people got confused with words (everyone have own way to write, one can’t write in same words as other is thinking).
    They thought the sole intention behind this blog is existence of two groups (which I said I do wonder, how it happened and if old mails are checked lots could be find- this is answer to those people who said it just happened, nothing and no reasons).
    Second misinterpreted word politics, (BTW is this word so bad) I must say if it is not so than why people said, ‘are you not agree with me, …’. Why asking, answering me again & again. Why so much clarification was needed.
    About the word- celebrity, The one who said – might not have check his site- its written there only- award winning… Well, few things you can’t write the way others want to tell so it’s not possible to make to much halla gulla.
    I know, people liked what and what the blogging scenario in India and about DBM too. I had words with regular bloggers & non-members before writing this.
    Even in mails people wrote they go to DBM to enjoy & too meet people. SO what is wrong, Cmon guys why so much fight. Why pressurizing me that you should not write this word or this is not case and even asking me to agreeing to your points. What more that a person even wrote that this should be wrote here DBM topics are mean for DBM mail group forum. Check my blog again, this is not about DBM only.

    Well, as we mention few things Why not we really we what we are- no politics no celebrity ego and no harsh comments etc. :)

  16. Good post Paavani. I agree with popularity suggetsions. It really works that way. I think I have read about 1st DBM meet at Ranjan’s blog, now he is no longer active. But it was an interesting read. Waiting for your next post.

  17. […] This post is in reaction to Paavani’s post. First I started writing in her comments section, then I thought of writing on the DBM mailing list. Finally I thought it would be safest to post it here. However I couldn’t post it to blogger (for some reason i couldn’t publish) so posted on the mailing list. And once again all hell broke loose. […]

  18. […] This post is in reaction to Paavani’s post. First I started writing in her comments section, then I thought of writing on the DBM mailing list. Finally I thought it would be safest to post it here. However I couldn’t post it to blogger (for some reason i couldn’t publish) so posted on the mailing list. And once again all hell broke loose. […]

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