The changing bond.

Today is Raksha bandhan, that fall every year in the month of Shravan month on the day of Purnima. ( Shravan => the month in which rain happens, And Purnima => full moon).

Rakhi, a chaste bond between a brother and sister showed by tying a knot of resham (silk) thread around the wrist of brother. It means now it’s your (brother) duty to protect the sister from all that is evil. And sister prays for the long life of brother.

It’s hugely celebrated in north region of India but Rakhi also happen in different states by different names. The history behind the Rakhi is also worthy to check.
This festival is celebrated by tying rakhi ( earlier it used to made of kaccha Dhaga but mostly its made of silk, silver thread and beautifully decorated with colorful sequins, sandal wood & stones etc. and don’t forget to check this year great demanded rakhis of Hanuman & Krish films characters), performing aarti, sweets and praying. And brother present rakhi gifts (in hindi – shagun). Quite simple but has a long followed ritual behind it.

Last minute Rakhi shopping.

If a reality check is done than pick up this week newspaper, one will see lots & lots of print ads saying- sirf shagun hi kafi nahi (Only giving money or gifts are not enough). Chocolates ads and then all big to small names in jewelry telling if you really love your sister give her this earring and if really want to show more love present her ring too. From radio to TV channels that ringing the ring tone to dedicate your brother this raksha bandhan. It’s the changing lifestyles with the advancement of the technologies.

Now what the people says- another holiday or really a day to follow the old tradition. Youngsters say its lots of fun and a day to enjoy. Few example:- I don’t have own brother but will go out with my cousin, will watch film in a multiplex after all that’s a day to enjoy with family. Yes family. So someone else told I will give lots of chocolates to my younger brother, he simply love it. Ladies are more interested in doing shopping after all monsoon sales is here. Gaudy salwar kamezz from Lajpat nagar, jhooti (a footwear which very much in trend) and buying branded jewelry as there is 15% off. So much is there to buy and too much rush in market. Mouth watering sweets from Haldiram’s and long sweating wait before you reach to buy a handi of rasogulla. There is tremendous joy in buying rakhis after putting mehandi in hands and doing chak –chak with shop keeper (the usual bargaining). This is very common scene in Delhi, you can see it in any local market.

By the way good news the introduction of water proof, wear & tear resistant rakhis envelopes to send your rakhis safely to any part. So many states are already suffering with flood and too many places got red alert. The need of such envelopes was thought by Indian postal department and material (Tyvek) re-sourcing from DuPont These envelopes are available from post offices. It’s a good deal, 5 Rs. Price for a single envelope earlier I thought it’s quite expensive as postage charge extra. But middle class is ready to buy through the awareness about such product is not too much.

Rakhi envelopes- Tyvek.

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