Floody Bloody.

Most of people whom I know love rain. For unknown reasons I don’t like. Might be it make me cry as in rain no one can see the tears. Apart from lines of Charlie Chaplin; it’s raining heavily in Delhi and it’s difficult to travel with a heavy bundle and searching here and there for auto rickshaws. (Yeah, I don’t have driving license ) ) I just don’t like paying much to auto rickshaws but I paid more than double money to these people.

When I was traveling today on Delhi roads, roads were badly broken and water was coming out from every corner and vehicles were crawling like snails in rainy days. The scene behind back lane was also not good. As most of industrial area side company’s guards were taking out the water from the hose and not doing the same sign in & sign-out job. Water was storing in basement areas and just think of the situation where Delhi is going through demobilization. People were joking – Flood is coming. I was in Ahmedabad few days back, just when high alert was announced. I could postpone the visit but I knew flood time is not as critical as the after effect is. And this is what happening. My friends in Ahmedabad are falling sick. The epidemic diseases like Chikungunia spreading along with Malaria etc. And the people who live next to Sabarmati River are more prone to these. Now back to that day. It was around 1 am on 20th August when Sabarmati was flowing with high current and silently entering in our campus. By 3 O clocks it crossed our residential buildings and reached to the outside lanes. Well, next day it was again ok. But you know the things did left so…

Check the pictures taken between 1 am to 11 am on 20th August, 2006.

water is leaking? Its here. water is there too! Escaped!!!

Courtesy: campus ‘unsecure’ server.

Updates: Read an excellent post by Kunjel. Where she is talking about the experience she went through at the time of flood in Surat (Gujarat).

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