Flower Power.

Flower, a most subtle thing, created with precision and colors are added to make it appealing, aroma is sprayed to smell nice. I remember when I was a kid I used to go to my big garden everyday (My father used to be very fond of flowers and there were some rare varieties of plants). I used to collect Harsinghar flowers, that bloom at very early morning and than fall down by 6-7am and many more flowers to make garland along with my grandmother. Decorating flowers and putting a bunch of white roses next to my deep in slumber sister. Those were days.

I get fascinated by seeing the forms of the flowers, the way petals opens by silently uncovering the sepals and long stigma pop out and the way tiny pollen remain stick to anther. Even the fashion of flower arrangement on a thin flower stalk along with green leaves. These forms inspire me for lots of ideas when I think of generating concepts and doing brainstorming. The color combinations from vibrant hues to earthy shades conspire huge palette for the whole project branding.

Few days back From Sree I come to know about Flower Fest and decided to make something, as I’m not a painter or doesn’t travel much so clicking photographs was also not possible. I had few pictures of spider lily flowers; clicked by me last year in March month.

Spider lily-Paavani.jpg Amaryllis -Paavani.jpg
Spider lilies. (click to see bigger size image) Amaryllis

Than in another one I used mix media (you can see canvas imprint in leaves) and little bit of Photoshop®.

I have chosen Amaryllis, which is a flower of splendid beauty and represents pride. The lily is a white spider lily (H. caroliniana). It is a member of the amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). A hardy amaryllis bulb, inhabitant to moist stream banks in the forests or along roadsides.

It’s rightly said by Ralph Emerson, Earth laughs in flowers.

Flower Fest

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