A welcome back.

Ever took a break from the same routine
changed the background, cast & scene

where there were light
which was sparkling bright
Celebration was at full mood
floating diyas and flowers full bloomed.
It’s like waking up from a siesta
entering into a different fiesta
Old friends met and giggled
so many memories drizzled
Took a walk on the same warm roads,

saw things from the different views.
In the canvas of life we met, we got lost
any puzzle is meant to get solved.
Carnival continues
there is no adieu.

11:31 pm, 29th Oct. 2006

same text is written in the card below. The purpose of writing it again is thinking about Usability.

Welcome back Card

Nothing much to say, there was no blog break. It’s just that because of Diwali (the festival of light) there were a long holiday. Then visiting the campus and meeting old pals.

Some new randomly clicked pictures are added.

Fairs & Festivity.

The festival season is around – after Dussehra, it’s the turn of the festival of light ‘Diwali’ with its counterpart Eid. So you can visualize the celebration happening inside home and outside (pockets) too. In India, a lot of importance is laid out to Navartri vrat, Diwali puja and Ramzan’s roza.

As I am really passionate about handcrafted stuff and designer collections, I always try to have a peek if there is something happening in town. Well, in past two days I went to one Diwali fair and an Art & design show.

Art & Design Show

Last friday evening Elle Décor award 2006 were announced; for seeing the winners names and details check the upcoming issue of ElleDecor (India edition). And if really interested to have a close lookup of the products, visit Art & Design show at The Grand Hotel, New Delhi India (Its happening from 14-15 oct. 2006).
Where you can catch some designers like Alex davis, Nikhil Verma designer furniture or Swarovski crystal artworks and Floss lighting to DuPont’s designer friendly solid surface. Or you can even catch a presentation on ‘the meaning of measure’ by Piero Lissoni. Here is a glimpse of that show.

About Diwali mela at Blind school, near Oberoi, New Delhi; its upto 18th oct. This is one of the best Diwali fair in Delhi, so don’t miss the chance and people comes here specially to buy candles that are specially crafted by blind students, which has the power to lighten up our homes.

You just can not stop buying lots of artifacts, terracotta planters and glittering gifts for ownself and others. I didn’t click pictures as I really wanted to enjoy the mood of fair there and I end up buying lots of awesome products for home. So go and enjoy and if get tired, take foot massage by students of Blind relief association instead of paying big chuck of money to VLCC or something.

So celebration is on. Cheers.

Bird of Paradise.

B is the letter that I love not because my surname starts with it. It has some beautiful memories.
No more talks on What to B(e). Have you heard about a bird, bird that flies in paradise? Well there it is a flower, names Bird-of-paradise.

Bird of Paradise- Paavani

This is my next entry for Flower Fest.
I made a sketch of the flower as I was not able to click picture (That I will also do soon).

If one will fall for the bright colors of it, you can not stop appreciating the form of this flower too. The name Bird of Paradise comes from the spectacular flower shape, which resembles a bird’s beak and head plumage.
More details about this flower is; banana shaped leaves and that’s why it was classified in the banana family Musaceae, but now got own family Strelitziacea.

A card made by using the pencil colors, edited in Photoshop.

You will be amazed if you see how its blooms. Long stemmed flowers emerge from green boat-shaped bracts, which are bordered in red or purple. The numerous pointed petals of brilliant orange are contrasted with an arrow-shaped tongue of vivid blue. Some species have white and blue. The flowers have several “sets” of flowers in each bract, which are formed on the end of a stalk.

I was just wondering how many creative ideas you get from nature, nature that is full of awesome products. And in such an exotic forms and wild colors you found the inspiration. Ideas that immerse from the paradise are truly divine.

Flower Fest

Paragraphs from my diary.

Ever thought of throwing your cell phone in the middle of a flyover on a high traffic road and catching it by jumping from the moving vehicle? Just imagine, you got all the super powers for that moment. You are Krrish or the Elastigirl of Incredible. And you can catch the mobile before it touches the ground and gets scratched.

I didn’t know I had that super natural strength, until a couple of days back. And that happened when my phone slipped from my hand all of a sudden, and I reacted without giving any thought. It’s not a story. It is a fact. It is my experience with my hidden super talents. I can, probably, attribute it to the Navratri season when I got blessed with some Devi’s powers when this happened as I was wandering all alone, in my all time favorite vehicle- Auto rickshaw!

12:35 pm, September 30th, 2006: My cell phone slipped out of my hand and all the past incidents in which 3 mobiles were lost, over the last few days in my family, flashed in front of me. I did not want to lose mine. Fine, I want to buy a new gadget but not an N-series mobile. I was happy with my cell phone which was still new and I did not even have the backup of the important contacts in the address-book. And, just then, it was on the road waiting to be crushed by a truck. I couldn’t see it. So I ran, after by jumping (falling) from the auto, in front of 3 motorcycles and a truck and lots more trailing behind and picked up the cell-phone before the other vehicles could have crushed it into tiny pieces.

And I was back in next 30 seconds, sitting in the auto rickshaw without thinking what I did then. Thank God I am ok. And about my cell phone, it is also Ok. And the lesson that I learnt from the entire experience is more than Ok.