Paragraphs from my diary.

Ever thought of throwing your cell phone in the middle of a flyover on a high traffic road and catching it by jumping from the moving vehicle? Just imagine, you got all the super powers for that moment. You are Krrish or the Elastigirl of Incredible. And you can catch the mobile before it touches the ground and gets scratched.

I didn’t know I had that super natural strength, until a couple of days back. And that happened when my phone slipped from my hand all of a sudden, and I reacted without giving any thought. It’s not a story. It is a fact. It is my experience with my hidden super talents. I can, probably, attribute it to the Navratri season when I got blessed with some Devi’s powers when this happened as I was wandering all alone, in my all time favorite vehicle- Auto rickshaw!

12:35 pm, September 30th, 2006: My cell phone slipped out of my hand and all the past incidents in which 3 mobiles were lost, over the last few days in my family, flashed in front of me. I did not want to lose mine. Fine, I want to buy a new gadget but not an N-series mobile. I was happy with my cell phone which was still new and I did not even have the backup of the important contacts in the address-book. And, just then, it was on the road waiting to be crushed by a truck. I couldn’t see it. So I ran, after by jumping (falling) from the auto, in front of 3 motorcycles and a truck and lots more trailing behind and picked up the cell-phone before the other vehicles could have crushed it into tiny pieces.

And I was back in next 30 seconds, sitting in the auto rickshaw without thinking what I did then. Thank God I am ok. And about my cell phone, it is also Ok. And the lesson that I learnt from the entire experience is more than Ok.

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