Bird of Paradise.

B is the letter that I love not because my surname starts with it. It has some beautiful memories.
No more talks on What to B(e). Have you heard about a bird, bird that flies in paradise? Well there it is a flower, names Bird-of-paradise.

Bird of Paradise- Paavani

This is my next entry for Flower Fest.
I made a sketch of the flower as I was not able to click picture (That I will also do soon).

If one will fall for the bright colors of it, you can not stop appreciating the form of this flower too. The name Bird of Paradise comes from the spectacular flower shape, which resembles a bird’s beak and head plumage.
More details about this flower is; banana shaped leaves and that’s why it was classified in the banana family Musaceae, but now got own family Strelitziacea.

A card made by using the pencil colors, edited in Photoshop.

You will be amazed if you see how its blooms. Long stemmed flowers emerge from green boat-shaped bracts, which are bordered in red or purple. The numerous pointed petals of brilliant orange are contrasted with an arrow-shaped tongue of vivid blue. Some species have white and blue. The flowers have several “sets” of flowers in each bract, which are formed on the end of a stalk.

I was just wondering how many creative ideas you get from nature, nature that is full of awesome products. And in such an exotic forms and wild colors you found the inspiration. Ideas that immerse from the paradise are truly divine.

Flower Fest

One thought on “Bird of Paradise.

  1. This is gorgeous! I discovered your blog via chai ki dukaan. Loved your photography, and now I’m discovering you’re an artist as well! Lovely blog!


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