Cakes and celebrations!

Cake is something that we all look forward whenever we hear about someone birthday or some celebrations. As Christmas is here, all one can see in bakery & confectionery cakes & loads of cakes.

Something made me curious and I googled out How & when cake word originated. The term is of Viking origin and describes a baked flour confection with sugar. Milk fats, eggs can be added too. Mooncakes of Philippines and Kasutera of Japan there are many interesting names for cakes. Then definitely there are many records made & broken by baked cake makers.
There are even proverbs on it like,“To Have One’s Cake and Eat It Too”.
Hmm. Whatever cakes makes any one mouth watering. So birthday bumps makes anyone to say No-no.

Life in general.

Life in different colors
non-favorable flavors
bright tints
grey hints.

Life in different seasons
unavoidable situations
messy monsoons
choosy moods

Life in different frames
where there is no retakes
sensitive fiction
emotional action

Life in different stages
uncontrolled growing ages
innocent childhood
smart neighborhood

Life in different cultures
unexplored and discrete
rigid traditions
changing generations

Life in different opinions
disagreeing conditions
nonstop argument
unbreakable filament.

23rd Dec. 2006, 4:47
A plain jot down of 10 minutes thoughts that came across yesterday afternoon.


It has been ages since I blogged. That too when few people who personally know me came and told how when searching for something and link let them to land on my blog. It was quite feel good factor for me.

I really wanted to talk about the most awaited event:- CII – NID – Design with India. I attended this and got chance to meet lots of interesting people from designers to industrialist to governing and media personalities. Speakers from IDEO, Microsoft, Motorola, LG, Infosys, TATA motors, Intel, Design Continuum etc and Design studios like Design Directions, Elephant & Desmania and from academics, Asia society etc were there.

If hearing their views on a chosen topic were like getting information then talking with them is also makes you do wonder how down to earth they are. This is the characteristics of such big shots that their humble nature takes them so high.

One more good news is that I finished one of my major projects with DuPont, India. And concerned people are happy with the outcome. So what next in store for me? I am eagerly waiting to hear from some people and explore more.

Well, I am not saying life is so easy. As now from the back lanes I’m standing on the highway. And choosing the right direction and speed is very much essential. And offcourse, when one choose a long journey should be aware of the car’ condition like Petrol. It is just like the understanding own capabilities and what more could be done with it.
Ahh, a long way this blogger has. )