It has been ages since I blogged. That too when few people who personally know me came and told how when searching for something and link let them to land on my blog. It was quite feel good factor for me.

I really wanted to talk about the most awaited event:- CII – NID – Design with India. I attended this and got chance to meet lots of interesting people from designers to industrialist to governing and media personalities. Speakers from IDEO, Microsoft, Motorola, LG, Infosys, TATA motors, Intel, Design Continuum etc and Design studios like Design Directions, Elephant & Desmania and from academics, Asia society etc were there.

If hearing their views on a chosen topic were like getting information then talking with them is also makes you do wonder how down to earth they are. This is the characteristics of such big shots that their humble nature takes them so high.

One more good news is that I finished one of my major projects with DuPont, India. And concerned people are happy with the outcome. So what next in store for me? I am eagerly waiting to hear from some people and explore more.

Well, I am not saying life is so easy. As now from the back lanes I’m standing on the highway. And choosing the right direction and speed is very much essential. And offcourse, when one choose a long journey should be aware of the car’ condition like Petrol. It is just like the understanding own capabilities and what more could be done with it.
Ahh, a long way this blogger has. )

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