Play of Colors

Festivals means joy & celebrations but what about a festival ‘full of colors’. In India, especially north India this festival is celebrated with the name Holi or festival of colors. It falls in the early march month. This time it is on 3 & 4th march.


Holi has a significant role in Indian history and meaningful reasons to celebrate it with colors but with the changing time the way to play is also changed.
Yes, I am talking about the colors and it impact on health and environment.
Dry colors which are called Gulal or abeer (containing colorant + chips of Mica) are harmful for health specially if it go inside eyes or inhaled. Any artificial color or mud, grease are again very dangerous, so is throwing water filled balloons from certain height.

In old days dry flowers of flame of forest or tesu were used to make red & orange colors, Commonly find Indian spices like Turmeric, Saffron or Sandal wood, Henna leaves or Rose petals and Jacaranda & Marigold flowers etc can be use to make natural & safe colors. Which will not only give you joy to play with colors but also play a role in improving beauty.

on the name of Holi

Picking and smacking artificial colors from roadside vendors or Holi parties by drinking bhag (picked from Cannabis leaves), Thandai (a drink again) and eating lots of Holi special sweets just on the name of ‘Bura na mano holi hain’ which means don’t mind its Holi.

The after effect of Holi comes with uncleanness and visiting the doctor. But still you would love to play holi when you are in India and this festival of colors which denotes energy & passion towards life; you might love to stay and contribute for a Color, the ‘green color’ which asks for help from you by just not doing anything harmful to you. And you mean your surrounding environment. Go green- Play holi.

friendship with colors

And yes, don’t forget to watch this colorful video, which has a song and an eye opening message in the end.

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