We don’t need Reservation.

I am a aam insaan means (a common man). I walked a not-so-short journey from a small town to getting used to living in a metro and working for one of the best company. The path was not so easy as I had to remember that, for ordinary people, getting even a mark less in entrance exams disqualifies from admission in prestigious institutes. The same holds for jobs where reservations are made for SC / ST and others.


I am not writing something very new and this has been told numerous times before but the No office day today still prompted me to voice my concerns. As usual, I woke up early and was all set to catch the cab only to find out later about Dilli bandh! Yeah, and the reason for Bandh is because of the violence and Gujjars’ demands for reservation. The state of Rajasthan and Delhi have been affected the most, and the unrest is felt all over the country. Last week also, we had to rush back early on a day from office because of the protests in Delhi and National Capital Regions (NCR).


Why people need all this, why did they choose to place their demands at unreasonable places affecting common people who believe in working hard and not necessarily can take the shelter under the umbrella of resevations? Why do we get into a situation where the more productive plants, capable enough to grow into strong trees, are suppressed by saplings and parasite!


Stop Reservation. Believe in yourself. Be what you can be else go back home and let us WORK!


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