Independent India

Independent India- Picture by Paavani

Is being free citizen our destination
& being independent without discrimination
Where there is no place for cast & creeds
With people respecting each other and doing deeds!

Or do we ask where is love, respect in our nation
With so much hatred, pain and suffocation
Casting shadows of pessimism
and saying follow the Gandhism!
Let’s starts a new vision
Be a true progressive Indian!

 9:12 pm, 13th August, 2007

 India is celebrating the 60th year of Independence.


2 thoughts on “Independent India

  1. I too stumbled…an year late..well sorry…i like the picture firstly..then needless to mention i liek the poem too 🙂 but i see there are not many poems on your blog..Hmmm..please write more..i am reading..infact i am hungry for poems..

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