Where were thou.

Ages, yes ages back I used to be a blogger.
Now if I look back I won’t find any blog post of mine written in the past few months. All the words got lost in the busy-ness of day to day life. I would like to mention that because of the database corruption in early 2008, I lost all my blog posts & comments; I tried to retrieve it but those precious comments are still missing.
Life was exhausting yet exciting in those days.

But change is inevitable, and professionally and personally changes happened with me too. Best was my wedding! Knowing someone and then growing old with that one. Ahh. A strange feeling if one thinks on same. Many questions come in wandering mind. But soul mates are made for each other so they don’t grow old with the passing years instead they live the moments as it come.
And to me, he is the one whom I can believe when I don’t want to. He is not always good but he is what he is; a great listener, sensible talker and brilliant mind with a tender heart whom I would cherish throughout life.
After all He is my soul mate.

So back to blogging; I will try to be active. Infact I was reading/skimming all my favorite blog in past. But now I will blog more frequently. At least, I hope so 🙂

9 thoughts on “Where were thou.

  1. hey! nice to see you back 🙂 and hope to see more posts now that you’re back (at least in the virtual world!). and congrats on the wedding! that bit about soulmates reminded me of a definition that i read in a book i read recently. i think i shall blog about it sometime! 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot Prasoon.

    I wish, most of comments and few blog posts I could find. I am still trying and getting also but getting all seems difficult.

    Thank you so much Arvind Ji.

    Thanks a lot Piyali and Seema.

    Hey Anita, Thanks so much.
    Oh is it so? It’s really great. I don’t read books so no idea. Please blog; would like to know.

  3. i just breezed through the post.. though it was short but somehow i still couldn’t read it through!
    just restless…
    read soulmate… good listener…
    i guess you’ve got it all….

    i and the comment right above reads you got married.

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