Start acting. Save earth.

It was World Environment Day on 5th June.

So what special you did, forget about the other day through Every day is earth day.

Did you grow some plants? Save water by not wasting while bathing or cleaning cloths and took a bicycle to go to nearby place and pooled car with office colleagues.
Few simple things can make our earth SIMPLER.

I am not asking about what children will see in future but I am saying what WE will have in present even.
Fuel prices are going high, cooking gas price and electricity bill increasing. Do we really need Air conditioner life every time we step in (home/ office) and step out (Car). So many small things can make big difference.
Think and act. Time is now.

Please take care!

And here, my take on artificially created environment for animal’s survival.

Do we really need a showcase or a real show window to save our earth

Man must feel the earth to know himself and recognize his values…. God made life simple. It is man who complicates it.

Please Take care!

6 thoughts on “Start acting. Save earth.

  1. Good to see you blogging again…serious post though. Well dont you think with all the rapid industralisation and vehicles that this situation was to come now or afterwards. The main problem is our already grown dependency on these things that life seems impossible and halted without them. Can anything change?

  2. That’s a nice attempt at making people realize the urgency to save Mother Earth…..artistic blog n beautiful thoughts! Keep it up…! 🙂

  3. While its true that Man made issues increase Carbon emissions that accelerate the process of global warming it is also fact that we cannot do anything about it and we are all going to die due to our own causes. It’s how nature works. Life keeps rolling. The Dinosaurs, the Archeopetryx, Homo Erectus, all of them had to die due to their own reasons. They were unfit and imperfect to survive.

    We are making too many changes to adapt and we are not going to outlive ourselves since we are again, imperfect and undeserving to live. That is fact and we have evidence to prove it, any biologist will validate these facts.

    As for god, god does not exist. Simply because he does not regenerate limbs of amputees. If he cannot do that then it means he is not all capable and it he is not all capable, he cant be omnipotent and omnipresent too. Thus he is not god by his own definition, or perhaps ours. However if you are like Einstein and call the process of nature and refer it poetically a “God” like Einstein did, then of course that “God” concept is exactly what is killing us, nature.

    Starting right now if we stopped driving ever car, stopped every piece of electrical equipment and stopped every piece of burning fire, it would still take about 70 years before we see some results. Its unrealistic and impossible. With man all creatures will die too. It is sad but that’s nature, undeserving and imperfect creatures that cannot survive another creature like man will have to die, that includes man too.

    Of course when i say imperfect and undeserving i purely mean everything biologically, morality wise each of us have the right to live. Practically, we have to earn the right to live. Man earned to outlive other creatures but i doubt if he can outlive himself.

    Perhaps we can all stop bull shitting about the dangers of nuclear energy and start building reactors and replace every conventional energy source with nuclear energy. Its fast, cheap, very safe (unless some mullah, jew, john or jagannath fanatic decides to blow it up) and 100% efficient.

    As for organic fuel, we better get Fuel Cells or Electric locomotives in place soon. We’re probably gonna see 3rd world war in the next 15 years if we don’t do that.

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