Summer Escape.

When the summer heat makes us restless, all we look forward is soaking ourselves in water. Best way to do so is indulging in some water sports. So what if you, like me, don’t know swimming 🙂
White water river rafting used to be a mode of transportation but now it’s a popular recreational activity which gives you thrills when doing so. Raft and rapids and you are rowing your paddle. Life seems so much calm and adventurous at same time.
River Rafting in India.
In India, we have many nice places to do the White water rafting, from Zanskar river flowing at high attitude in Leh to Rafting on River Brahmputra in Arunachal Pradesh, which is in the top ten best destinations to do river rafting or go to Uttarakhand, where have relaxing time in sandy river camp and do the rafting on holy Ganges i.e. near Rishikesh. Here you can have grade 4 rapids.


How to reach.

If you live in New Delhi or near by, it’s just 5-6 hrs car journey and if taking train from New Delhi, reach to Haridwar, from there its hardly 25 KMs. In Rishikesh, you can stay in cool & comfortable beach resort, like I stayed in the Ganga Beach resort or opt for a nice cozy tent to spend the night.


Other than rafting, what else?
Apart from rafting, you could learn yoga, have nice massage or spa (Ananda is a famous destination spa but expensive) and do rock climbing, trekking and spend evening by visiting Ram & Laxman Jhoola. Ganges aarti happens at 6-7pm everyday and you would feel so content & relaxed. Don’t forget to have nice meal at Chotiwala restaurant near Ram Jhoola.


I am quite regular to Rishikesh and it was my 2nd time to do the River rafting. I am planning to do rafting on Brahmaputra River some time. But before that I should wash my water phobia in MCD water 😀

22 thoughts on “Summer Escape.

  1. WOW…awesome composition Paavani.

    Even I went Rishiesh also,two weeks back but after reading you..I re-invented my desire to Visit the venue again.

    U always look the things with differect perpective which makes ur writing uncomparable—TOUCHWOOD.

  2. Rafting is awsome…have tried it many times now….i visit the place every 4 months or so….Ananda Spa is gr8 never been inside but the palace itself looks vibrant in the midset of mountains….
    Arti by the ganges have always been an attraction….
    For food i have a better place than choti wala…..just walk towards the barrage on the same road crossing the Gita Bhawan and then Swargashram vanprastha (the one with Shiva Idol on the banks) and then you walk a little more and u’ll reach another “Swargashram Baba Kali kamli wala” just walk inside the gate and ask for the canteen (Bhojnalya) and enjoy the food……it’s better not to drop by itself there as there are strict timings for food and better if you could specify ur menu in advance…The preparation is awsome and also the place is for accomodation…….make advance bookings if u want….

    woosh to much to write….I can’t help the place itself is gr8 and also ma native…:D
    I better write ma own blog on that…guys coming soon…

    • yeah! It was! specially in the summer heat.
      Template I changed long back. Only changed the header recently. Seems, you stopped checking your friends blog :p

  3. – Central Himalayan Adventure offers to the adventurous traveller to enjoy the thrill of white water river rafting in India. The most popular river rafting places are Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand in India. And if you also wanna to enjoy camping in rishikesh or stay in a riverside camps situated on sandy ganga beach. The camps at Rishikesh are very much environmentally friendly. People say rishikesh rafting is most enjoyable river rafting in india.

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