No follower on TWITTER.

When I heard about twitter almost 2 years back, I was not sure will I use it. But yes, I created an account as it seemed different, not like an SMS sending service. I become active in tweeting from end of 2008. In this tweeting journey, I made many tweeple friends and I met few either in some conference or in meet.

Journey so far was going quite tweetful. I was following around 150 people- from designers, photographers, bloggers to social media enthusiasts. Almost 760 followers I had till 28th july 09 which included some very great & genuine persons from celebrities to ad world guru to photographer, researcher and many more.

But, one bug which Twitter had eaten by mistake and made my account go crazy. I lost all my followers (except few spammers) and no timeline updates for me. Yes, my timeline is frozen and I can not see any updates. Even if I follow back people my following count stay zero! I can only see, if someone specially write a @paavani tweet.

twitter_fail- bird


It is frustrating that twitter has not fixed the problem though many people are facing the same. There is no customer support. See this twitter support page on following list vanished and timeline frozen.

Now when twitter is getting popular and everyone started tweeting, facing such a problem and loosing data is big nonsense. Twitter will loose the trust, if it keep surprising their tweeple with such mis-hap. One side twitter is coming up with business  strategies and other side when they launch a new home page this is what bugs come up!


If you don’t know what TWITTER is-: it’s like writing SMS- 140 characters is a tweet limit. One can follow certain people and check their updates in own timeline. One can send and receive message on mobile phone too. Read some good stories about twitter.

Anyway, I am damn annoyed with Twitter. It is acting like a cheap, buggy web application site.

Updates: as of now, my twitter account @paavani is back to normal. Some twitter correction means Spam/ Bots cleaning is happening which will reduce the followers count by some percentage. But that’s fine! I can see time updates 🙂

Updates: as of now, my twitter account @paavani is back to normal. Some ‘twitter correction’ means Spam/ Bots cleaning is happening which will reduce the followers count by some percentage. But that’s fine! I can see timeline updates 🙂

18 thoughts on “No follower on TWITTER.

  1. Twitter is offcourse a great micro blogging service but buggy things happens sometime. Sadly you loosed but try sending mail to them.

    I wish they will like to see you smile 🙂


  2. Though I am not big on tweeting and I don’t think I am gonna be anytime soon, but I see many people who are really so much into it which makes the bug very deviling and if more people do face the same problem and it is not corrected soon, then twitter may comfortably drift into oblivion and people will be happy about it. Something else will come up soon.

    Moreover, every now and then I get some followers, which at the first place, wouldn’t follow me. This gives me an impression that bots have been doing their work as it is easy to do so without any identification strategy in place when one follows someone. This makes it particularly bothersome for me.

    I think Twitter will listen to this and correct the problem. Moreover, I think twitter will come up with something of the sort of “report abuse” for fake profiles.

    • I agree, If twitter keep coming with such buggy stuff sooner or later a new product will take the place. Anyway, life of such application is few months/yr rem. Orkut days to facebook and blogging to microblogging.

  3. It’s strange that such a thing can occur on a site like twitter, which had already garnered 20 million subscribers. Did Ashton Kutcher face the same predicament as you.

    • Yeah, expecting such thing from Twitter is strange. And there are so many complains (infact many didnt even write the complain comments on twitter site)
      About @aplusk account, even if he loss followers it will create a news! 🙂

  4. Your frustration and angst with Twitter is justified. The extent to which social web dominates our consciousness,being barred from it can be as painful as being quarantined for no fault of yours.
    However,Twitter lacks a revenue generation model so scalability has been an issue as has been support. Buisness model is necessary not only for profit but also to maintain the service. This is something I never understood before. Anyway, do try to get in touch with someone from Twitter. hope the issue is fixed asap and you are back in the tworld 🙂

  5. I had never seen any website gaining so much popular in last few years. Twitter gained a lot of popularity in its simplicity and way its being used. When I started using and seen people saying twitter is very addictive I thought they might be crazy, but now I differ my opinion. I hope the guys at twitter fix this issue quickly and its sad that this thing happened when they are launching their new homepage.

    • If I say, I don’t care about followers than I would be lying like many others! Offcourse, twitter itself wants people to go crazy for number of followers.
      BTW, I assume, you read my blog post; I mentioned- I lost my following as well as followers count. I can NOT follow back anyone means my ‘Following’ count stay zero.

  6. I agree now when twitter is slowly becoming a rage…it is more often than not caught up in some cleaning of bots , or hacked etc…they have to pull up their socks!!

  7. I have my hands so full with Orkut and Facebook, i did not dare to sign @ twitter too! But it seems twitter has become another digital ‘essential’- will think of joining now.

    Great Post! Will be coming to your blog often:)

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