Why say NO to crackers!

Festivals like Diwali has own uniqueness- “it’s a festival of lights” apart from mythological stories, God’s worship, sweets and gifts what we look forward is crackers! As a kid, I used to love bursting crackers. Fine, I was bit afraid and used to be away from bomb, rocket but it was fun. But when I see, today’s kids, all they get from school “say no to crackers”, Government making appeal “lets have a peaceful diwali” and parents saying “crackers are expensive”.

But my question is, why a small kid is stopped to have fun, why s/he is forced to all good deeds, when we as a grown up are still doing what is not good, like not believing in Car pool when going office as we have own ego problem with a colleague. When we don’t have patience and keep doing continuous honking, and when we emit lots of pollution by keeping engine ON on a red light and when we don’t obey order of not smoking in public areas – I wonder! Why a kid is getting mentally prepared that bursting cracker is not a good thing. Why we grown up learn good things first before preaching!

why Say NO to crackers?

I am not favoring that crackers are good for health or something. All I want is a little bit of fun, which is fine under a secure guidance. I have found today’s kid don’t even know how to light up gas. They never open match box. But if they play, they will learn how to deal with material safely. Watch them, teach them, just like when you were bursting crackers, your elder brother, uncle and dad guided you. Of course do not give them bomb or something to play but let them see the spectacular view of cracker bursting high and opening into an umbrella of colorful embers or lighting their name in air with a sparkler.

I did a small survey of 25-35 yrs old and found most of them enjoyed crackers- Chakri (ground wheel), Anaar (flower pots), Phooljhari (sparklers), fire pencil, rocket, toy train and bomb etc. But over time they got so busy with higher studies, settling in career that they left that sparkling time in their childhood memories but what about today’s kid , are they suppose to just content with ‘made in china’ wires of glowing and dimming lights on their balconies railing? On the name of ‘festival of light’ are they suppose to buy gifts with neon glowing lights or buying them a new PSP game will add extra sparkle and noise?

Fine, there should not be rocket flying in high rise buildings, there should not be crackers bursting in small balcony of 9th floor and no crackers 11 pm onwards but little bit of fun with those colorful sparklers and seeing the sparkling eyes of kid will not make any harm to earth. You can always remorse by planting two trees in your neighborhood or gifting a tulsi plant on this Deepawali. Let’s have a sparkling Diwali!

16 thoughts on “Why say NO to crackers!

  1. hello Paavani,
    i am really spellbound reading someof ur articles, i alos saw ur photography and am really pleased with ur creativity in all the works that u do and ur profession, i must say u do a real justice to ur work and at the end of the day that is wht matters for a sound sleep. i am yet in the processing of reading your articles i will read accordingly and wirte my feedback , am glad that i got to read some reall good content , which really good to share and think and Act.
    i am reachable at r.manturgi@yahoo.com
    Ravindra M

  2. i fully support crackers. some of the arguments against are really lame… like pollution for instance.. sure it causes pollution, but why not compare it to vehicle pollution? has somebody done research on how much more polluting are crackers bust on a single day in the year to vehicles polluting daily.

    • Well, vehicles are a very important part of today’s life, crackers they are not.
      I challenge you, try living without your car or bike for a year, instead of not using crackers.

    • hi
      isnt the comment youve made entirely baseless? you are just parading your ignorance by saying pollution is lame. agree with sim, we are trying to reduce automobile pollution too but why not start with something insignificant

  3. Hi,
    Very shortly the range of pollution free crackers are going to be available in your market. I hope, this will solve a lot of problems related to air and sound problem including accidents due to fire crackers.
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  4. india already is polluted by things that u clearly said about adults,abt kids who blow up bombs?jackass do u even realize the level of sound a bomb produce,it may be fun for an illiterate like u,it aint for me..like i m sittin in my room chatting with my relatives,banggg we all shook up by the sound of the bomb,is this what fun?the cracker is so dangerous it can add to problems like xplosive makin that can do a lot of fun for the terrorist…indian rivers,air etc already polluted,now start adding more to a single diwali day with more of sulphur in air,…congrats “youngistaans”,clean urself if u knw whats good n bad…don brag unnecessary shits on society,crackers don represent diwali!

    • Well Said Bharat!!! These ppl dont realise how hazardous the crackers are…..if the person writing the article wud have health probs like asthma then she wud realise what it means to burst crackers …..

    • i am also with u bharat .because if bombs are good andits just for making fun then what the difference between terrorist and those people who are in favour of crackers.”terror” ka matlab hi yahi hota h ki logo ki life se shanti ko hata kar dar pada kar de .jis se wo har pal dar dar k rahe.agar jo log crackers ka favour karte h to wo log ek tarah se terrorism ka hii favour kar rahe h.kyoki dusro ko dukh pahuchana hi in loogo ka kam h jo kud ek tarah se terrorist h.or jab real me terrorist attack hotay h tab yahi log sabse pheley kise kone me chip jatay h.ye kise ki taklif kaise samag sakte h ki kise insaan ko santi ki sabse zayda jarut hoti h.meine wo dard saha h jab kuch log apki zindgi ko bahut bura bana ne me lag jatay h.or baad me acha bannae ka natak kartey h .even mere uncle ko cancer tha or hum logao ne unke samne hath tak jode par un logo ko zare b taras nahi aaya hum par fir bina diwali wo log itne bomb burst kartey they ki bagwan ne meray uncle ko phele hi bula liya .sayad bhagwan ko hi un par taras aa gaya thaor wo din itne muskil they meri zindgi k ki unhe yaa d kar ke hi mein aaj bsihar uthta hu.us din se me aaj tak logo se hath jodker reqest karta hu ki please say no to crackers. kyo ki is se na to bagwan kush hotay balki aap unki banai gayi is earth ko hi harm phucha rahe ho.or buray logo k sath bura banane se kise b problem ko solve nahi kiya ja sakta. kyoki aaj agar aap kise ka bura kartay h bilkul vasa hi apke sath kabi na kabi jarur hoga .so please ……………………aap sab se request h ki say no to crackers.

      • i respect u dude….u r gr8..
        I need ur help…pls reply me in my email:deyrup11@gmail.com
        i wnt to open a group against crackers..and u r de right person to choose as a leader..!!!pls help me…and the mother EARTH..

  5. hello! paavnai,as i read your article.it is awesome and awful and this article would lead others not to burn crackers. i must say ‘SAY NO TO CRACKERS’.

  6. You are not on the right track. We should be indifferent quoting bad examples. Our text books talk a lot about conservation, preservation, pollution etc etc . we have to stand by our education. You should reconsider your decision. Causing destruction to the environment is no fun that children should opt for. The new generations should have better rationality and concern for our planet. We should contribute in every little way towards building a pollution free environment. I wish you rewrite your article. Good day.

  7. Air pollution more than doubles and big cities like Delhi become gas chambers. Crackers also release heavy metals among other toxic substances.
    Noise levels cross deafening limits.

    Children are the biggest victims as their defence mechanisms are not fully developed to withstand the increased intensity of pollution. Others also suffer from respiratory disorders like asthma and even heart attacks.

    Bursting of crackers is now a means of “showing off ” and is another opportunity to display ones wealth. With so many people living in poverty, burning money on crackers is a shame.

    The silent sufferers: Trees are coated with smoke which block their photosynthetic process. Birds and animal have to cope with loud blasts and toxic smoke leading to their disappearance from our city.

    sincerely i feel we have lost the festival of lights among all the pollution and noise.

    the very kids who are enjoying today will be in a hospital 50 years later dying of asthma. lets teach our children good values and not to destroy our pristine environment like this. how many countries are blessed with such natural biodiversity.

    as to what you say about why should we practice before we preach… it has to DAMN START SOMEWHERE. do you realise that your kids will say the same damn thing and this vicious and atrocious cycle will continue for ever!!

    all people supporting such polluting menaces should be ashamed of yourselves. just realise you are turning money into ashes by endorsing something so wasteful.

    as to the utterly baseless point about learning safety from crackers you should be ashamed that you want to kill billions of animals and people who have made no crime, not even looked at your face before just to teach your children the “rocket science” of striking a box of matches.

    no point in remorse after killing a billion my friends!!! 95% of all the poisons in crackers cannot be cleansed by trees. it kills them too. trees are not your personal air filters.

    if not for the environment think of the child labour behind the scenes that hundreds of poor kids like me are made to work in hazardous for your kids to have their “FUN”. think of their painful and miserable lives for your fun.


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