Sari, no more for Nari!

Other day I thought of wearing cotton sari to office but someone disowned the idea. And earlier wearing sari for a working lady is elegant and makes her look sober and sexy at same time. But now a day’s woman wears only on occasion. Like when on Diwali time HR set the dress code ‘traditional wear’ or when a girl get married and joined office after a long wedding vacation with chuda  (handful red bangles) and sari. Or only a certain ladies like to wear like Indian Airlines airhostess. Even receptionist doesn’t feel pride in wearing sari and Indian hospitality business also changed dress code from sari to western wear.

So If I want to go office in starched cotton sari with sleeveless blouse I be prepared I’m not going to work whole day in normal way. Colleagues will ask- any special occasion, during lunchtime everyone in canteen area will give you a look.

So wearing sari for no reason for a corporate girl is NO unless you wear sari to office on a regular basis else you just can’t wear.

What could be the reason for decaying of such a nice traditional wear :-

– It is difficult to wear and manage. Most of the girls don’t know how to wear sari.

– Maintenance is time consuming. Imagine ironing and folding a nine-meter long sari.

–  Gone are days when sari used to be affordable. Now it cost a lot. And we want branded sari too, like, is it from Nalli!

– Changed lifestyles. Earlier we used to carry handbag. Now we have mobile, laptop and above all managing a dress! Too much!

– Western style toilet! Yes, that’s also a problem.

– Accessories. With sari you need matching jewelry and bangles while with trouser & shirt it’s not so important to have accessories.

– Outdated tag! If you wear sari on regular basis than you will be tagged behin ji type! But if you wear occasionally, you will be loaded with compliments!

Above image showing how to drape sari. Image source: Internet.

Ahh, such a classy Indian dress now a days hardly make any sense; so why to wear.


13 thoughts on “Sari, no more for Nari!

  1. I used to wear Sari once in my wedding. It was so difficult. But I love how it look. I have to admit that I could never wear it by myself.

  2. Sari is still in our traditions. it will never go, in fact in the future it will come back as a fashion statement, but yes the form might change. Today women are looking only at the usability whih is very practical, but still it is a very essentia part of our lives which will never go.

  3. Hey Paavani, tons of compliments for taking up such an interesting subject. The way u depicted method of wearing sari is awesome(I hope that will help lots of nari in wearing sari 🙂 )

    Btw I disagree a bit with ur “outdated tag” point and on contrary I feel that It gives you the most erotic look, one(only gal) can ever have 🙂

  4. This reminded me of a show from Oprah Winfrey where Aishwarya Rai was the guest.

    She was asked to wear a sari and Oprah was surprised..she actually thought it was 2 pieces..not one single long cloth.

  5. I wear a saree to office fairly regularly. I also wear short skirts, sneakers, formal trousers — anything goes except shorts and low necklines.

    Sometimes I get teased but mostly people are used to my esoteric choice of clothing.

  6. hi there! i am a new reader of ur blog!

    u chose a wonderful topic, close to my heart. I also wear saree, cotton and others to work. Believe me it looks awesome! yes u have to work for it, jewellery of something, but simple silver accessories and kajal eyes complete the look in no time. although, i also dont wear them daily, or else i wiil be called aunti types!! nice post!!

  7. Agree that its difficult to manage with papers, laptops, rains, trains, loos etc, but wearing sarees every once in a while feels nice, looks amazing. I confess I just cannot manage a saree- draping it and then maintaining it all day!

    Nice post…nice blog

  8. Got here from Twitter..

    There are still many women, usually in government offices in Tamil Nadu who wear sarees, silk sarees to work on Friday. They look quite silly though 🙂

    I too pick up a saree somedays and then dump it back in the cupboard because I cannot handle the questions.

  9. oh well I used to be a regular saree wear to office, u get teased a couple of times intially but then when people see u wearing everything else with equal ease then it tapers off…

    and same is the case with finding it difficult to manage the first few times but then everything starts falling into place slowly 🙂 and i enjoy wearing it. Now that I am at home I miss it totally

  10. whose business is it ? if the wearer likes wearing it, its elegant, adds character…well ,it requires addl guts to carry it well as the whole world considers you alien

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