Social media lounge

New year is the time of year to party and celebrate. Thanks to Facebook we all got power to be page 3 celebrities!  After all, Social media is the new generation lounge.

So don’t be surprised when you hear about Facebook’s record breaking fact– 750 million photos got uploaded on New Year’s weekend by users.

Every status update, every photo album we upload is to show to the world, how awesome our weekend is going, how much hard work we do in the office and where we go for vacation.
Facebook now speaks about the life that used to be told earlier with personal touch. I wonder what we are going to talk when we really meet in person! Other than of course talking about people who are not updating status message or one who don’t have any new photo album from past one week!

How many times we login on facebook just to see the new activity! If life was actually so interesting, why would you update about it the time you are actually enjoying it.

Social media has real disadvantages; just other day I read how people started irritating others by sending fake ‘blood needed’ message. Funny how a live person dies, because of an unconfirmed tweet.

Social media really made a common man a self-certified media guy! He can publish his own page-3 content, and break out breaking news that can create panic in one tweet!

For sure sometimes social media helps. But was life not moving when we were not aware how much traffic is on which road or where what incidents happen? We were updated then also but now we are overloaded with information and when this overload becomes a burden, it directly hampers our lifestyles.

With an attention span of less than 5 minutes, who are we fooling when we can’t sit to do single task peacefully! Has someone tweeted back, or has a new like/comment been made on the last photo or is an unread mail in the inbox popping up every second!

You global personal reporter and trendsetter, better take life lightly.