In general, I am a Dreamer, a Nature lover, who is an Industrial designer and into Colors. Likes Photography, Blogging and Tweeting. Industrial Designer. Color & trends spotter. Toy & Game designer. Photographer.

In more details, I am Paavani Bishnoi, a post graduate Industrial Designer from National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad, India) and bachelors in Information Technology.
I have keen interest in Design Management, Green design and designing for special needs. Apart from this I love to blog, blogging since early 2003. Exploring unseen with camera lens and at times experimenting with edibles items in my kitchen and if there is mood swing, I do instant poetry.

I could be reach at Paavani [@] gmail .com or follow me at http://www.twitter.com/paavani

46 thoughts on “About

  1. You are really a sincere blogger!
    I like the contents of your site.
    Thanks for recently giving advice through DB and connecting Ashish to be an expert at the youth program.
    I am talking to him.

    You may be interested to design the Jeevika (Documentary Film Festival) Trophy. Check more details at http://www.jeevika.org

  2. Hi Paavani. Please delete the comments by Sonia . She/he is in no way related to our site and is trying to defame our company. I am one of the founders of Colon K and we do not have any intentions of a tech lead. I take care of technical details of company.

    So spam the comments by the author named sonia.

    M.Santosh Lakshman
    Colon K

  3. Hi pa

    how are you?? i love ur blog and i already mentioned that you have a great talent which will surelly lead u to success.

    Beautiful pics just love it, and main thing u look very cute in that boy cut hahahahahha, plus photogenic face.

    God bless you


  4. Hi Paavani,

    You are really a sincere blogger!

    I like the contents of your site.It’s awesome yaar.

    Regards, Pathik

  5. hi.
    Paavani..first time saw u in twitter while just randomly surfing people..found ur profile very intresting…

    reading ur blog since then…it is very nice.
    U possess great talent …
    did see ya pics in flicker too…they are a treat to photography lovers..!!
    God Bless U with everything..ur a kind soul.!!
    Take Care..Keep Smiling..!!!


  6. Hi Paavani,
    Saw your pics on flickr, wonderful images. They are very natural. A wonderful work, every pictures has its own stories to be told. Really enjoyed every pics. Happy clicking ahead also.

  7. Hi Pavani!

    Well Designed Site & Really Great Narration..
    I loved the way you fram the Photograph & process it..

    Would like to read some photography & post prossing article here..

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