No follower on TWITTER.

When I heard about twitter almost 2 years back, I was not sure will I use it. But yes, I created an account as it seemed different, not like an SMS sending service. I become active in tweeting from end of 2008. In this tweeting journey, I made many tweeple friends and I met few either in some conference or in meet.

Journey so far was going quite tweetful. I was following around 150 people- from designers, photographers, bloggers to social media enthusiasts. Almost 760 followers I had till 28th july 09 which included some very great & genuine persons from celebrities to ad world guru to photographer, researcher and many more.

But, one bug which Twitter had eaten by mistake and made my account go crazy. I lost all my followers (except few spammers) and no timeline updates for me. Yes, my timeline is frozen and I can not see any updates. Even if I follow back people my following count stay zero! I can only see, if someone specially write a @paavani tweet.

twitter_fail- bird


It is frustrating that twitter has not fixed the problem though many people are facing the same. There is no customer support. See this twitter support page on following list vanished and timeline frozen.

Now when twitter is getting popular and everyone started tweeting, facing such a problem and loosing data is big nonsense. Twitter will loose the trust, if it keep surprising their tweeple with such mis-hap. One side twitter is coming up with business  strategies and other side when they launch a new home page this is what bugs come up!


If you don’t know what TWITTER is-: it’s like writing SMS- 140 characters is a tweet limit. One can follow certain people and check their updates in own timeline. One can send and receive message on mobile phone too. Read some good stories about twitter.

Anyway, I am damn annoyed with Twitter. It is acting like a cheap, buggy web application site.

Updates: as of now, my twitter account @paavani is back to normal. Some twitter correction means Spam/ Bots cleaning is happening which will reduce the followers count by some percentage. But that’s fine! I can see time updates 🙂

Updates: as of now, my twitter account @paavani is back to normal. Some ‘twitter correction’ means Spam/ Bots cleaning is happening which will reduce the followers count by some percentage. But that’s fine! I can see timeline updates 🙂

Shopping in recession time!

Being a Delhite, I am also fond of Sale time. The spring time generally comes with good deal on clothes, shoes and bags etc. But like weather, our economy has also changed and this change is pretty harsh.
This year the sale season started quite early. It came so early that it didn’t wait for 2009 to come. I could get my New Year party dress at great discount in December month only.

Splurge was the keyword early last year. People were spending money on decorating their home or buying branded stuff to buying new stylish vehicles. Then all of sudden various companies started to cut down on the expenses, thereby causing people to lose job. Home loans, car loans and insurance installments were same as before but shopaholics could not resist themselves from 50% to 70% discount.

Shopping in Recession timeShopping in recession time!

After all, just because there is slow down time, people do not necessarily stop pampering themselves. The joy of buying something always makes us feel good. In recession time, when we are more into depression, we need to shop. We just need to be a wise shopper.

Those ‘aspirational’ rich, metro residents and mall going people could not resist themselves by spending little less on their favorite Reebok sports shoes or Louis Philippe formal shirt. Even Bodyshop, Revlon etc are giving discount, and some brands like Lakme are coming with exchange offer on old lipsticks etc. It’s really hard not to shop, even in this hard time.

Future group ventures like Big Bazaar, Home town and Pantaloons are already giving great deals and people are really rushing to buy.


These cases were even seen in USA to China. When I visited China last December, things looked fine (at least from outside) but in USA major electronic stores (Circuit city) and few more were going out of business and were running huge store closing sale.

So how are retailers / store owners working on the mathematics of 50% + 50% discount. That’s something I will figure out. Till then happy shopping!

Diwali Dash.

The most important and the most delightful festival of India is Deepavali or Diwali. I am not writing the story behind it, that is available here.
This festival is celebrated for 5 days, where 3rd day is the main festival but the preparation and celebration of it started much earlier.
And if you live in a joint family or the kids are at home, it’s more of a fun activity to put lights and making sweets.

This year Diwali is on 28th oct. and we all have been busy getting geared up for Diwali. In New Delhi, many Diwali fairs are already on, including my all time favorite fair- Diwali mela at Blind School, near Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi. Many schools and residential societies too have variations of the fair. The stress is really on having a fun and good time spending money rather than earning money by putting food / handicraft/ dress/ Candle or chocolates stalls.

It is interesting to check the list of stuff people are buying this Diwali to decorate one’s home.

I have a cool list starting from:
Decorative Diyas: Just go for earthen or bamboo diyas- its green, its cool.
Rangoli- Buy ground white powder and colors or also go for flowers. I also have sticking sticker one.
Vase – Buy some glass vase, you can use it to put candle/ diya.
Platter- From a range of wooden to glass to steel and variable sizes, you can pick what you like and for what you need. Like for putting dry fruits, sweets & Namkeen.
Planter- How could you miss those cute little plants with interesting planter made of terracotta.
Ganesh Laxmi- depends on your budget from terracotta to silver.
And lights- those small LED lights to hang on outer walls & balconies.

And yes celebrate a cracker-less Diwali to keep the place pollution (noise and smoke) free.

Wish you a very happy & prosperous Diwali. 🙂

Home solutions.

If the role of color in any industry is very important than so is reading a consumer mind and coming up with a color forecast that will be liked my many (if not all) is very difficult.
Recent issues of design & interior magazines shows how new technologies and inventory features and interesting lighting and new materials possibilities making a Home much more trendy than ever.

Here are some home trends hints.

White and vibrant– From pure white to ivory and adding colors in accent, like, saffron is something that will make the interior to stands out. Apart from this Black and white theme is something that’s always green.

living & more

living & bath

Metals & wood – Hardness of metals and soft, warm feel of wood is something that can gel well with artifacts and furniture. Even the metallic finishes and rough old wood types are happening.

Dining and decor

Natural & organic– It’s more than just green décor. Adding a jute matt either as a castor or spreading a chatai or furnishing with natural colors prints are something talking loud. Anyway eco design is something that’s creating vibes from sometime and now when India also taking stands in green building than why not atleast green décor that we can think of when designing & decorating.

bedroom & more
kitchen and more

Leather & luxury– Leather is hot with soft touch and just a right level of use. The yellow, black or browns will look good. And yes, luxury is in! No more minimalism.

kids room

Wallpapers & graphics– other than in kid’s room its something that can be added anywhere to make that place stands out. Its simple, it’s easy and can be change as desired.

Light & bright– How could light be missing in any décor. Put it purposefully or just for adding a style element, with neat & clean designs and use energy efficient CFL or LEds.

Images Source– Internet (Design Sponge specially)

Where were thou.

Ages, yes ages back I used to be a blogger.
Now if I look back I won’t find any blog post of mine written in the past few months. All the words got lost in the busy-ness of day to day life. I would like to mention that because of the database corruption in early 2008, I lost all my blog posts & comments; I tried to retrieve it but those precious comments are still missing.
Life was exhausting yet exciting in those days.

But change is inevitable, and professionally and personally changes happened with me too. Best was my wedding! Knowing someone and then growing old with that one. Ahh. A strange feeling if one thinks on same. Many questions come in wandering mind. But soul mates are made for each other so they don’t grow old with the passing years instead they live the moments as it come.
And to me, he is the one whom I can believe when I don’t want to. He is not always good but he is what he is; a great listener, sensible talker and brilliant mind with a tender heart whom I would cherish throughout life.
After all He is my soul mate.

So back to blogging; I will try to be active. Infact I was reading/skimming all my favorite blog in past. But now I will blog more frequently. At least, I hope so 🙂


What is called halt? When time stops? Life is journey and we all keep on moving; someway or other way.  

2007 is WELCOMING the 2008. And as the New Year is approaching we are pretty excited what would coming year have for us.


Every year has own surprises, and though every day is new we always look forward for new year. Other than New Year, 24th Dec will add one more year in my life!  

Independent India

Independent India- Picture by Paavani

Is being free citizen our destination
& being independent without discrimination
Where there is no place for cast & creeds
With people respecting each other and doing deeds!

Or do we ask where is love, respect in our nation
With so much hatred, pain and suffocation
Casting shadows of pessimism
and saying follow the Gandhism!
Let’s starts a new vision
Be a true progressive Indian!

 9:12 pm, 13th August, 2007

 India is celebrating the 60th year of Independence.

A call: on Mobile.

It has been long time since I blogged about anything. What was it means: nothing new happening or was I so busy that didn’t get time. No, nothing like that. It was just that when there was over information flow, one get lost what to talk.
Silence is golden at times. )

BTW I was quite active in my Flickr (earlier I was not), I even wrote a guest blog article for Ping Mag (one of the best design blog, from Japan).
In my work place, I am learning many new things. And try to understand much more.
Any way, what’s happening in World? Especially in Design sector, that too in India? Always make more sense to Indian Designers.The Digital design experience or people in User interface design would be happy to know about Nokia’s first satellite design studio in India, Bangalore...will explore a range of design trends and themes, including detailed research into colour and material trends in India. It will also study use of mobiles for Internet in India and its implications for design, and examine innovative new features and uses for mobiles.
[Source : Hindu]

I expect, soon I will get a handset for elderly. Last month only I was looking for a mobile for 60+ in not so urbanized area, which has basic functions and easy to navigate interface. Sorry to say I didn’t get a single mobile handset which fit the bill.

Talking about mobile:

I would like to say– few models are so sleek & smooth that it can look good only on an executive hands. While a field worker continuous sweating hand will make it uncomfortable to hold.

So many features- do we really need it? Few don’t even want to send & receive SMS.

Price range versus features. If it is a 2K mobile, is it really helpful in getting what one want? Don’t compromise quality by adding too much.

So many models, with little difference, so much of confusion. From Samsung to Nokia to new Bleu. A sliding cell phone with similar looks.

Total money expenditure- a 3G phone with cool features. But your current service provider gives you all that good service to operate those? If yes, how costly is it? Or you have to change your years old mobile number.

Even if you browse internet on your blackberry and check emails after every 10 min. Is it comfortable or just leave you more frustrated?

Your mobile is more of FM/ Camera to click pictures secretly or more to mobile blog?

Once you are comfortable with your current handset. It got stolen/broke, and you switched to new model of same company. Do you feel ease to operate it? If no, why so much complexity to understand all navigational system of a handset.

Why mobile buttons are so small? Why no models catering to those who don’t have such sleek fingers to press the right tab?

Regional language settings are there- but how many really needy use it?

There are many more concerned areas; these are many more simple questions other than styling & color of cell phone.

I am really disappointed when I visited Nokia exclusive showroom and did not get a cellphone which display text/numbers in good contrast on a reasonably good screen size along with basic features that work in a small town. Like FM. I hope, new Nokia design studio work in more user friendly way and come up with designs that really cater to the person who need it for basic functions not a gizmo. As number of mobile users in India are more than other parts. And these maximum numbers of users don’t work in corporate offices of a metro.

We don’t need Reservation.

I am a aam insaan means (a common man). I walked a not-so-short journey from a small town to getting used to living in a metro and working for one of the best company. The path was not so easy as I had to remember that, for ordinary people, getting even a mark less in entrance exams disqualifies from admission in prestigious institutes. The same holds for jobs where reservations are made for SC / ST and others.


I am not writing something very new and this has been told numerous times before but the No office day today still prompted me to voice my concerns. As usual, I woke up early and was all set to catch the cab only to find out later about Dilli bandh! Yeah, and the reason for Bandh is because of the violence and Gujjars’ demands for reservation. The state of Rajasthan and Delhi have been affected the most, and the unrest is felt all over the country. Last week also, we had to rush back early on a day from office because of the protests in Delhi and National Capital Regions (NCR).


Why people need all this, why did they choose to place their demands at unreasonable places affecting common people who believe in working hard and not necessarily can take the shelter under the umbrella of resevations? Why do we get into a situation where the more productive plants, capable enough to grow into strong trees, are suppressed by saplings and parasite!


Stop Reservation. Believe in yourself. Be what you can be else go back home and let us WORK!


Crunchy Crispy flavors*added.

Potato chips are all time favorite junk food. Earlier there were classic salted. Now more flavors are added. Even by considering the Indian spices and tastes. If MacDonald is making burgers in different choices by adding naram panner and tandoori chicken. Than our plain salted potato chips are also learning.

1st it was Frito Lays which come with flavors like Spanish tomato tango etc. After countries they brought the flavors of Indian chat – like golgappa style chips.
Fritolay – India’s followed by Uncle Chips, Kurkure (quite popular, now going to launch in
USA), Lehar Namkeen and Chittos (which were very famous among children as they came up with a new pokemon character gift with every pack). BTW Frito lays is owned by Pepsi Co so definitely in terms of marketing and advertising they would not leave behind. Either its brand ambassadors like Cool Saif Ali Khan and Pretty Preity Zinta.
And there latest launched is wafer style chips. In India, potato chips are made at home by cutting potato slices and keeping in salted water and then drying in sun for few days and when want to eat fry them. There are many more version and methods to make chips in Indian kitchen by Indian Grandmothers.  

Frito lays wafer style- paavani.jpg Lays chips 

Now come to the latest ad of Bingo- if you have seen the advertisement either on Television or heard on FM (and yes, not to leg behind on web world too they launched website). You might not understand what this ‘Mad angle’ is. Yes, there ads are ‘no confusion, great combination’. After SunFeast biscuits and pasta, the company is now venturing into the Rs 2,000-crore fast-moving branded snack market. They say: “Chips come in experimental flavours such as bindas masti chaas, chatkila nimbu achar and tandoori paneer tikka. Yet another product launched is “Mad Angles”, which according to the company, is inspired by the Gujarati snack khakra and comes in tomato and chilli flavours.”

Even Parle (a very old name specially for Parle G biscuits) is now bringing different flavors of cheese with a new brand name Musst bytes which have flavors- Tangy Tomato Or Garden spices.Let’s see in battle of crispy, spicy chips who won. I heard a mixed review about Bingo, where Paneer tikka is not at all advisable to taste. But people are trying different flavors for different type of ads, names and punch lines like ‘aajkal yeh bahut chal raha hain’ (for Parle Musst bytes) which means roughly – Now days very much in demand.

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