Need an earthy treatment!

Our earth, our home has a day – 22nd april to celebrate and think and do some good actions. It was started by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970.

Someone is asking for help badly. Yes, our dear earth is in pain and need help from her 6.5 billion children. But are we listening, and / or doing something?

earth day- designed by Paavani

Not many of us have really thought of what we can do other than having long discussion or talking about ‘green design’ or sustainability to global warming etc.
Well, you can do some really basic things: 7 days and 7 tips !

1. Think about plants & trees as your lungs, whenever you smoke!2. Use your brain when trashing garbage or even a coke can.
3. Carry your bag when going to buy grocery.
4. Use technology but don’t let technology consume you!
5. Show your creative side, reuse the products.
6. Have/use water as it the most expensive liquid.
7. and last Being gadget freak is geek, going green is coolest!

After all, our earth is not well and we all are doctors and it’s high time that we show dedication for this single yet precious patient!

Play of Colors

Festivals means joy & celebrations but what about a festival ‘full of colors’. In India, especially north India this festival is celebrated with the name Holi or festival of colors. It falls in the early march month. This time it is on 3 & 4th march.


Holi has a significant role in Indian history and meaningful reasons to celebrate it with colors but with the changing time the way to play is also changed.
Yes, I am talking about the colors and it impact on health and environment.
Dry colors which are called Gulal or abeer (containing colorant + chips of Mica) are harmful for health specially if it go inside eyes or inhaled. Any artificial color or mud, grease are again very dangerous, so is throwing water filled balloons from certain height.

In old days dry flowers of flame of forest or tesu were used to make red & orange colors, Commonly find Indian spices like Turmeric, Saffron or Sandal wood, Henna leaves or Rose petals and Jacaranda & Marigold flowers etc can be use to make natural & safe colors. Which will not only give you joy to play with colors but also play a role in improving beauty.

on the name of Holi

Picking and smacking artificial colors from roadside vendors or Holi parties by drinking bhag (picked from Cannabis leaves), Thandai (a drink again) and eating lots of Holi special sweets just on the name of ‘Bura na mano holi hain’ which means don’t mind its Holi.

The after effect of Holi comes with uncleanness and visiting the doctor. But still you would love to play holi when you are in India and this festival of colors which denotes energy & passion towards life; you might love to stay and contribute for a Color, the ‘green color’ which asks for help from you by just not doing anything harmful to you. And you mean your surrounding environment. Go green- Play holi.

friendship with colors

And yes, don’t forget to watch this colorful video, which has a song and an eye opening message in the end.

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Finally, Design Policy

Finally, India got its own design policy on 9th Feb, 2007.

From many years many people related with design industries & education, along with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion), were working on this. Design drafts were made and nothing happened much in the area of so called Design, which is such an important aspect of human life.

India’s IIT institutes are well known in middle class families but the name of NID (world top 50 design school) leaves many clueless. And, amongst those who have heard about the same, equate it with another fashion designing school. There are so many IITs and IIMs but design institute … well last week only Govt. approved making of four more National Institute of Design which might awards degrees instead of postgraduate or undergraduate diplomas. After all in India there are only 10 design colleges compare to Korea 300 design colleges and number of design students producing every year in India are around 8-10,000 as compare to China 30,000.

A design policy provides the deciding factors for any plan to carry on in long terms, it talks about the objectives and determines the favorable & unfavorable conditions by determining the design issues for the same. After deciding a design policy monitoring and keeping updates on same is also important. It not only ensures the high quality design by following the designing standards and things could be complete in given time frame.

For ensuring a permanent design connection between the design professional, design researchers, design companies & organizations and communicating with others and reaching to a broader market & society and boosting up the economics of the nation.

Here are the excerpts from the National Design Policy:

    1. “platform for creative design development, design promotion and partnerships across many sectors, states, and regions for integrating design with traditional and technological resources.”
    2. global positioning and branding of Indian designs and making “designed in India” a by-word for quality and utility in conjunction with “Made in India” and “Served from India.”
    3. making India a major hub for exports and outsourcing of designs and creative process for achieving a design-enabled innovation economy;
    4. attracting investments, including foreign direct investments, in design services and design related R&D; and involving industry and professional designers in the collaborative development of the design profession.

So no more hindrance, Indians got the passport to design good stuff. )

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Traveling shots, in Short

Exciting & enthralling euros Europe! Really it’s awesome! Through I visited only 3 countries France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt & around) and Finland (Helsinki).
(Few pictures are uploaded)

Eiffel tower -photo taken from very far

But I spent more time in visiting Paper World messe, it was truly world class. And Christmas world halls were like out of world type. The decoration, the theme everything about that hall no. 9 was illuminated & intense.

Friends from Halle, Germany
I met my friends from Halle and it was really nice to talk over coffee about Gujju land language to our Rang de Basanti film Experience etc.

Staying in Commerce City Frankfurt to going to old cities was real contrasting. Visited a small Gothic architecture style city Rothenberg by traveling through Romantic road as well as Heidelberg where one of the Europe oldest Universities is situated and visited famous Heidelberger Schloss.

From Rothenberg

Spending two days at -15 degree in Finland was really freezing. But I liked this Helsinki, it was warm in an unknown way. Might be I got fascinated by seeing the crafts & designs of this land that’s minimilistic & functional.

Now in general about this 12days visit, French people were not much comfertable with english and asking for any guidence to local men were not much helpful In Germany, people were so busy that they even have their breakfast while catching the S or U in metro stations. In Finland, there were hardly people to locate but they were well versed in common language.
And for a veggie person, its difficult to live without visiting an Indian Restaurent thats also mostly occupid by local people I guess they too like spicy Indian meals )
About clothing, its difficult to get a glare of bright colors on roads when all cover with there overcoats & leather gloves. So 85% cloths colors were black, rest shades of browns & creams with hints of reds.

Coming back to India, ahh , its like best of all cultures & lifestyles. Fine, you might find all that appealing there but when think in long term you would want to stay in India as here you see same old with new upcoming almost everyday.
And when I was returning back (in flight) I saw people around me were reading about India or watching special documentation on TV and smiling; I was all humming the Song – thodi si khuboo mere batan ki …

BTW right now I am in the most critical time of my life.
I might get back.

Its fast – 2007

Quite busy 2007 so far. I really wanted to write about many thinks but could not as all of sudden final jury of my project fall and Europe trip too.

On a quick note: I am just done with my Post graduation in Industrial design from NID.
And now going for kinda holiday )
I am reaching Germany on 20th Jan. 2007 and will be there for next 10 days
Participating in Paper world Frankfurt (24th to 28th January 2007)
I am going to Finland and France too.

I could be reached at my eMail Id

Right now I am all set to leave from New Delhi, India.

Paragraphs from my diary.

Ever thought of throwing your cell phone in the middle of a flyover on a high traffic road and catching it by jumping from the moving vehicle? Just imagine, you got all the super powers for that moment. You are Krrish or the Elastigirl of Incredible. And you can catch the mobile before it touches the ground and gets scratched.

I didn’t know I had that super natural strength, until a couple of days back. And that happened when my phone slipped from my hand all of a sudden, and I reacted without giving any thought. It’s not a story. It is a fact. It is my experience with my hidden super talents. I can, probably, attribute it to the Navratri season when I got blessed with some Devi’s powers when this happened as I was wandering all alone, in my all time favorite vehicle- Auto rickshaw!

12:35 pm, September 30th, 2006: My cell phone slipped out of my hand and all the past incidents in which 3 mobiles were lost, over the last few days in my family, flashed in front of me. I did not want to lose mine. Fine, I want to buy a new gadget but not an N-series mobile. I was happy with my cell phone which was still new and I did not even have the backup of the important contacts in the address-book. And, just then, it was on the road waiting to be crushed by a truck. I couldn’t see it. So I ran, after by jumping (falling) from the auto, in front of 3 motorcycles and a truck and lots more trailing behind and picked up the cell-phone before the other vehicles could have crushed it into tiny pieces.

And I was back in next 30 seconds, sitting in the auto rickshaw without thinking what I did then. Thank God I am ok. And about my cell phone, it is also Ok. And the lesson that I learnt from the entire experience is more than Ok.

Return of Lord Ganesha.

Ganesh, Son of Shiv & Parvati. Ganesha a Sanskrit language word means Gana (the host/ multitudes/ troops of demigods) and Isha means ruler. So ganpati- the master of the hosts, rulling over the benign as well as the malevolent inner-plane beings. Who controls things by strategy & intelligence.

Bholenath Mitr Mandal ganesh Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati

And Ganesh Chaturthi is an occasion on which Lord Ganesha birthday is celebrated. Ganesh or Vinayaka is elephant headed and worshiped for intelligence, prosperity and happiness. Through he is God of all but specially in Maharastra, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh this festival is celebrated with grand splendor. The festival lasts for 10 days, ending on Ananta Chaturdashi (in aug-sep. month) by doing the visarjan (immersion) of the Ganesha idol. So idol is set on a raised platform and after 10 days Murti (idol) is taken in a possession, where devotees singing – Ganpati babba moraya Purchya Varshi Laukariya ( means - O father Ganesha, come next year too). And idol is immersed in river or sea.Some more interesting facts on Ganesha and on going festival can be check from here - Including a link to amazing Ganesha. You can check images of Pune (Maharastra) Ganeshotsav festival too.

Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati-temple.jpeg Direct from Hyderabad- Thanks Gaurang.jpeg
Symbolism Inherent in Lord Ganesha, a graphical representation. ganesha_symbolism.gif

There are 32 forms of Ganpati from Bala-Ganpati to Sankathara Ganpati. You would love to read this page as its not only include pictures but also talks about the favorite sweet of Ganesha.

Artist at making idol Ganesha- Sand art

Ganesha idol or sculpture can be made out of wood, plaster of Paris, fabric or metal but most accepted is made in clay. And to make such huge size clay idol for the festival functions and homes there are craft persons who are into this throughout the year or atleast 2 months before the festival.
Ganeshas at a stall Boy selling Ganesha idols

The making of it involves soft clay generally costs 5 rupees per kg. (But In Tamil Nadu the idols are made from mud and left unpainted.) Small idols can be moulds but bigger one are made in parts and pasted together. It takes one month to make it dry then it is spray painted, special colors are available for it in market specially if you talk about Mumbai’s Lalbag area. There is trained master to paint the eyes of Ganesha, as it demands high precision. It goes to market in 500 Rs or above depending on the size & design of the idol. It requires lots of space to fabricate and store the work for a craft man. And for them it’s not business, it is like a sacred hobby that they keep pursuing years after years.

baby_ganeshaganesh at back- tatoo art

Ganesha is so much famous worldwide so offcourse how to revenue. Things from soothing Ganesha music to funky graphics and ready to wear Ganesha T-shirt and key chains, dolls, coins & stamps etc. When there are too much to look for offcourse there are few crazy collector for them too. Few avid photographer.(Another nice collection on Ganesh’s pictures by Amit Kulkarni.)

Mr. Dattatray Kanekar already a Limca book of records holder for accruing the biggest private collection of Ganesha idols.

Mr. Dattatray Kanekar already a Limca book of records holder for accruing the .With so much to talk about the Lord Ganesha. Ganpati to Crorepati – here is a 50 million rupees value Ganesha idol and there are the idol maker who hardly earns money after round the year hardwork that too in Mumbai’s rain. And what to say about the sea condition; too much of colorful mud and smelling flowers etc going in deep water.

</span possesion

I just say Ganpati Bappa Moraya. Bring more happiness next time.

Floody Bloody.

Most of people whom I know love rain. For unknown reasons I don’t like. Might be it make me cry as in rain no one can see the tears. Apart from lines of Charlie Chaplin; it’s raining heavily in Delhi and it’s difficult to travel with a heavy bundle and searching here and there for auto rickshaws. (Yeah, I don’t have driving license ) ) I just don’t like paying much to auto rickshaws but I paid more than double money to these people.

When I was traveling today on Delhi roads, roads were badly broken and water was coming out from every corner and vehicles were crawling like snails in rainy days. The scene behind back lane was also not good. As most of industrial area side company’s guards were taking out the water from the hose and not doing the same sign in & sign-out job. Water was storing in basement areas and just think of the situation where Delhi is going through demobilization. People were joking – Flood is coming. I was in Ahmedabad few days back, just when high alert was announced. I could postpone the visit but I knew flood time is not as critical as the after effect is. And this is what happening. My friends in Ahmedabad are falling sick. The epidemic diseases like Chikungunia spreading along with Malaria etc. And the people who live next to Sabarmati River are more prone to these. Now back to that day. It was around 1 am on 20th August when Sabarmati was flowing with high current and silently entering in our campus. By 3 O clocks it crossed our residential buildings and reached to the outside lanes. Well, next day it was again ok. But you know the things did left so…

Check the pictures taken between 1 am to 11 am on 20th August, 2006.

water is leaking? Its here. water is there too! Escaped!!!

Courtesy: campus ‘unsecure’ server.

Updates: Read an excellent post by Kunjel. Where she is talking about the experience she went through at the time of flood in Surat (Gujarat).

The changing bond.

Today is Raksha bandhan, that fall every year in the month of Shravan month on the day of Purnima. ( Shravan => the month in which rain happens, And Purnima => full moon).

Rakhi, a chaste bond between a brother and sister showed by tying a knot of resham (silk) thread around the wrist of brother. It means now it’s your (brother) duty to protect the sister from all that is evil. And sister prays for the long life of brother.

It’s hugely celebrated in north region of India but Rakhi also happen in different states by different names. The history behind the Rakhi is also worthy to check.
This festival is celebrated by tying rakhi ( earlier it used to made of kaccha Dhaga but mostly its made of silk, silver thread and beautifully decorated with colorful sequins, sandal wood & stones etc. and don’t forget to check this year great demanded rakhis of Hanuman & Krish films characters), performing aarti, sweets and praying. And brother present rakhi gifts (in hindi – shagun). Quite simple but has a long followed ritual behind it.

Last minute Rakhi shopping.

If a reality check is done than pick up this week newspaper, one will see lots & lots of print ads saying- sirf shagun hi kafi nahi (Only giving money or gifts are not enough). Chocolates ads and then all big to small names in jewelry telling if you really love your sister give her this earring and if really want to show more love present her ring too. From radio to TV channels that ringing the ring tone to dedicate your brother this raksha bandhan. It’s the changing lifestyles with the advancement of the technologies.

Now what the people says- another holiday or really a day to follow the old tradition. Youngsters say its lots of fun and a day to enjoy. Few example:- I don’t have own brother but will go out with my cousin, will watch film in a multiplex after all that’s a day to enjoy with family. Yes family. So someone else told I will give lots of chocolates to my younger brother, he simply love it. Ladies are more interested in doing shopping after all monsoon sales is here. Gaudy salwar kamezz from Lajpat nagar, jhooti (a footwear which very much in trend) and buying branded jewelry as there is 15% off. So much is there to buy and too much rush in market. Mouth watering sweets from Haldiram’s and long sweating wait before you reach to buy a handi of rasogulla. There is tremendous joy in buying rakhis after putting mehandi in hands and doing chak –chak with shop keeper (the usual bargaining). This is very common scene in Delhi, you can see it in any local market.

By the way good news the introduction of water proof, wear & tear resistant rakhis envelopes to send your rakhis safely to any part. So many states are already suffering with flood and too many places got red alert. The need of such envelopes was thought by Indian postal department and material (Tyvek) re-sourcing from DuPont These envelopes are available from post offices. It’s a good deal, 5 Rs. Price for a single envelope earlier I thought it’s quite expensive as postage charge extra. But middle class is ready to buy through the awareness about such product is not too much.

Rakhi envelopes- Tyvek.