Independent India

Independent India- Picture by Paavani

Is being free citizen our destination
& being independent without discrimination
Where there is no place for cast & creeds
With people respecting each other and doing deeds!

Or do we ask where is love, respect in our nation
With so much hatred, pain and suffocation
Casting shadows of pessimism
and saying follow the Gandhism!
Let’s starts a new vision
Be a true progressive Indian!

 9:12 pm, 13th August, 2007

 India is celebrating the 60th year of Independence.


End of summers: Monsoon Calling.

When the canvas of life is becoming faded and dull and one is eagerly looking for a thrill; what could be better than adding few strokes of water with the long paddle brush and a palette called Kayak.
Go adventurous was the motto this weekend. And with our office team we went for River Rafting. Expedition was expended with rock climbing & trekking on the next day.

 Shivpuri, uttranchal.

White water rafting along the Ganges in Shivpuri near Rishikesh, Uttranchal was the agenda. We were supposed to cover 12 Km and do grade 3 & grade 4 rapids.
Through it was not a favorable season to do the rafting as water current was high and rapids could through you.
As I do not know swimming so I was among the afraid all group and was hesitated to do dip and being more adventurous. But when you are already inside the deep water, and paddle as a life line in your hand and you are just blindly following guide instructions than there is so much to have fun.

Preperation-river rafting Life jackets & helmets
We started from Silver sand beach and moved forwards in lush green when sun rays were perfectly accurate to brighten up the mountains in golden hues. The real adventure happened when at the 3 blind mice rapid 3 people from our 2nd boat fallen down! When boat went upside down and 3 persons were not found on right place on the right side. One of them was pulled back immediately, 2nd was saved by kayak and 3rd one who seemed to be panicked was also pulled by the life guard after few minutes.
2 pairs of slippers and 2 paddles were missed and other boat went back to get paddle while we rested on the side. Then our journey started again. I was asked to sit in front as we accommodated 1 more person from the other boat. Sitting in front of the boat, and when waves hit my face occasionally and I got thrilled with every up & down. It was a different experience.
Kayak RiderTents on silver sand beach

Next morning started with drizzling. And when I woke up and saw the awesome view of nature where the pure nature water accumulated on the balcony railing, and small white clouds were trying to push each other on the dark green mountains and translucent green Ganges was floating with little higher voice.
All that made me feel energetic to go out and capture some nature luxurious, soothing musical moments into 2-D, silent frames.
 What a wonderful morning! 
Rock climbing was not going to happen still we wore our comfortable foot wears and started journey towards the mountain peak. In that narrow round & round lanes I got tired number of times, feet slipped but there were will to climb. It the halfway like wanderers we all got dispersed and after certain period of time I realized lets go back and do some more clicks while getting mesmerized by nature beauty.

After a quick lunch we proceeded for Haridwar, from where we had train to Delhi. And we reached with an exhilarating experience to kill the Mondays blues and show more of creative and adventurous side.

Check more pics.

We don’t need Reservation.

I am a aam insaan means (a common man). I walked a not-so-short journey from a small town to getting used to living in a metro and working for one of the best company. The path was not so easy as I had to remember that, for ordinary people, getting even a mark less in entrance exams disqualifies from admission in prestigious institutes. The same holds for jobs where reservations are made for SC / ST and others.


I am not writing something very new and this has been told numerous times before but the No office day today still prompted me to voice my concerns. As usual, I woke up early and was all set to catch the cab only to find out later about Dilli bandh! Yeah, and the reason for Bandh is because of the violence and Gujjars’ demands for reservation. The state of Rajasthan and Delhi have been affected the most, and the unrest is felt all over the country. Last week also, we had to rush back early on a day from office because of the protests in Delhi and National Capital Regions (NCR).


Why people need all this, why did they choose to place their demands at unreasonable places affecting common people who believe in working hard and not necessarily can take the shelter under the umbrella of resevations? Why do we get into a situation where the more productive plants, capable enough to grow into strong trees, are suppressed by saplings and parasite!


Stop Reservation. Believe in yourself. Be what you can be else go back home and let us WORK!


Traveling shots, in Short

Exciting & enthralling euros Europe! Really it’s awesome! Through I visited only 3 countries France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt & around) and Finland (Helsinki).
(Few pictures are uploaded)

Eiffel tower -photo taken from very far

But I spent more time in visiting Paper World messe, it was truly world class. And Christmas world halls were like out of world type. The decoration, the theme everything about that hall no. 9 was illuminated & intense.

Friends from Halle, Germany
I met my friends from Halle and it was really nice to talk over coffee about Gujju land language to our Rang de Basanti film Experience etc.

Staying in Commerce City Frankfurt to going to old cities was real contrasting. Visited a small Gothic architecture style city Rothenberg by traveling through Romantic road as well as Heidelberg where one of the Europe oldest Universities is situated and visited famous Heidelberger Schloss.

From Rothenberg

Spending two days at -15 degree in Finland was really freezing. But I liked this Helsinki, it was warm in an unknown way. Might be I got fascinated by seeing the crafts & designs of this land that’s minimilistic & functional.

Now in general about this 12days visit, French people were not much comfertable with english and asking for any guidence to local men were not much helpful In Germany, people were so busy that they even have their breakfast while catching the S or U in metro stations. In Finland, there were hardly people to locate but they were well versed in common language.
And for a veggie person, its difficult to live without visiting an Indian Restaurent thats also mostly occupid by local people I guess they too like spicy Indian meals )
About clothing, its difficult to get a glare of bright colors on roads when all cover with there overcoats & leather gloves. So 85% cloths colors were black, rest shades of browns & creams with hints of reds.

Coming back to India, ahh , its like best of all cultures & lifestyles. Fine, you might find all that appealing there but when think in long term you would want to stay in India as here you see same old with new upcoming almost everyday.
And when I was returning back (in flight) I saw people around me were reading about India or watching special documentation on TV and smiling; I was all humming the Song – thodi si khuboo mere batan ki …

BTW right now I am in the most critical time of my life.
I might get back.

Its fast – 2007

Quite busy 2007 so far. I really wanted to write about many thinks but could not as all of sudden final jury of my project fall and Europe trip too.

On a quick note: I am just done with my Post graduation in Industrial design from NID.
And now going for kinda holiday )
I am reaching Germany on 20th Jan. 2007 and will be there for next 10 days
Participating in Paper world Frankfurt (24th to 28th January 2007)
I am going to Finland and France too.

I could be reached at my eMail Id

Right now I am all set to leave from New Delhi, India.

Cakes and celebrations!

Cake is something that we all look forward whenever we hear about someone birthday or some celebrations. As Christmas is here, all one can see in bakery & confectionery cakes & loads of cakes.

Something made me curious and I googled out How & when cake word originated. The term is of Viking origin and describes a baked flour confection with sugar. Milk fats, eggs can be added too. Mooncakes of Philippines and Kasutera of Japan there are many interesting names for cakes. Then definitely there are many records made & broken by baked cake makers.
There are even proverbs on it like,“To Have One’s Cake and Eat It Too”.
Hmm. Whatever cakes makes any one mouth watering. So birthday bumps makes anyone to say No-no.

Life in general.

Life in different colors
non-favorable flavors
bright tints
grey hints.

Life in different seasons
unavoidable situations
messy monsoons
choosy moods

Life in different frames
where there is no retakes
sensitive fiction
emotional action

Life in different stages
uncontrolled growing ages
innocent childhood
smart neighborhood

Life in different cultures
unexplored and discrete
rigid traditions
changing generations

Life in different opinions
disagreeing conditions
nonstop argument
unbreakable filament.

23rd Dec. 2006, 4:47
A plain jot down of 10 minutes thoughts that came across yesterday afternoon.


It has been ages since I blogged. That too when few people who personally know me came and told how when searching for something and link let them to land on my blog. It was quite feel good factor for me.

I really wanted to talk about the most awaited event:- CII – NID – Design with India. I attended this and got chance to meet lots of interesting people from designers to industrialist to governing and media personalities. Speakers from IDEO, Microsoft, Motorola, LG, Infosys, TATA motors, Intel, Design Continuum etc and Design studios like Design Directions, Elephant & Desmania and from academics, Asia society etc were there.

If hearing their views on a chosen topic were like getting information then talking with them is also makes you do wonder how down to earth they are. This is the characteristics of such big shots that their humble nature takes them so high.

One more good news is that I finished one of my major projects with DuPont, India. And concerned people are happy with the outcome. So what next in store for me? I am eagerly waiting to hear from some people and explore more.

Well, I am not saying life is so easy. As now from the back lanes I’m standing on the highway. And choosing the right direction and speed is very much essential. And offcourse, when one choose a long journey should be aware of the car’ condition like Petrol. It is just like the understanding own capabilities and what more could be done with it.
Ahh, a long way this blogger has. )

Paragraphs from my diary.

Ever thought of throwing your cell phone in the middle of a flyover on a high traffic road and catching it by jumping from the moving vehicle? Just imagine, you got all the super powers for that moment. You are Krrish or the Elastigirl of Incredible. And you can catch the mobile before it touches the ground and gets scratched.

I didn’t know I had that super natural strength, until a couple of days back. And that happened when my phone slipped from my hand all of a sudden, and I reacted without giving any thought. It’s not a story. It is a fact. It is my experience with my hidden super talents. I can, probably, attribute it to the Navratri season when I got blessed with some Devi’s powers when this happened as I was wandering all alone, in my all time favorite vehicle- Auto rickshaw!

12:35 pm, September 30th, 2006: My cell phone slipped out of my hand and all the past incidents in which 3 mobiles were lost, over the last few days in my family, flashed in front of me. I did not want to lose mine. Fine, I want to buy a new gadget but not an N-series mobile. I was happy with my cell phone which was still new and I did not even have the backup of the important contacts in the address-book. And, just then, it was on the road waiting to be crushed by a truck. I couldn’t see it. So I ran, after by jumping (falling) from the auto, in front of 3 motorcycles and a truck and lots more trailing behind and picked up the cell-phone before the other vehicles could have crushed it into tiny pieces.

And I was back in next 30 seconds, sitting in the auto rickshaw without thinking what I did then. Thank God I am ok. And about my cell phone, it is also Ok. And the lesson that I learnt from the entire experience is more than Ok.