Independent India

Independent India- Picture by Paavani

Is being free citizen our destination
& being independent without discrimination
Where there is no place for cast & creeds
With people respecting each other and doing deeds!

Or do we ask where is love, respect in our nation
With so much hatred, pain and suffocation
Casting shadows of pessimism
and saying follow the Gandhism!
Let’s starts a new vision
Be a true progressive Indian!

 9:12 pm, 13th August, 2007

 India is celebrating the 60th year of Independence.

Cakes and celebrations!

Cake is something that we all look forward whenever we hear about someone birthday or some celebrations. As Christmas is here, all one can see in bakery & confectionery cakes & loads of cakes.

Something made me curious and I googled out How & when cake word originated. The term is of Viking origin and describes a baked flour confection with sugar. Milk fats, eggs can be added too. Mooncakes of Philippines and Kasutera of Japan there are many interesting names for cakes. Then definitely there are many records made & broken by baked cake makers.
There are even proverbs on it like,“To Have One’s Cake and Eat It Too”.
Hmm. Whatever cakes makes any one mouth watering. So birthday bumps makes anyone to say No-no.

Life in general.

Life in different colors
non-favorable flavors
bright tints
grey hints.

Life in different seasons
unavoidable situations
messy monsoons
choosy moods

Life in different frames
where there is no retakes
sensitive fiction
emotional action

Life in different stages
uncontrolled growing ages
innocent childhood
smart neighborhood

Life in different cultures
unexplored and discrete
rigid traditions
changing generations

Life in different opinions
disagreeing conditions
nonstop argument
unbreakable filament.

23rd Dec. 2006, 4:47
A plain jot down of 10 minutes thoughts that came across yesterday afternoon.

A welcome back.

Ever took a break from the same routine
changed the background, cast & scene

where there were light
which was sparkling bright
Celebration was at full mood
floating diyas and flowers full bloomed.
It’s like waking up from a siesta
entering into a different fiesta
Old friends met and giggled
so many memories drizzled
Took a walk on the same warm roads,

saw things from the different views.
In the canvas of life we met, we got lost
any puzzle is meant to get solved.
Carnival continues
there is no adieu.

11:31 pm, 29th Oct. 2006

same text is written in the card below. The purpose of writing it again is thinking about Usability.

Welcome back Card

Nothing much to say, there was no blog break. It’s just that because of Diwali (the festival of light) there were a long holiday. Then visiting the campus and meeting old pals.

Some new randomly clicked pictures are added.

Moods of Monsoon.

Im an instant poet. What I mean by this, I generally don’t write poems. Neither in hindi nor in english but when a line or some words strikes in my mind I make it rythmic. I always finish it with in few minutes otherwise I can’t complete it. That’s why my poems are result of 10-15 minutes and I call it Instant poem.
here goes one of such poem after ages.


आँसू बहूमूलय या बारिश की बूँद,कया पता
गरज कर बरसे,या चुपचाप हूए लापता।
वो बडती धङकन थी, या बिजली की कङक
दूर छूपे है इतने जहॉ ना जाती कोई सडक।
सूनहरी धूप से झाँकते रूई के गौलौं
हाथौ से ना पकङौ, नजरौ से टटलौ।
जब पास बुलाया था तो दूर चले गये

अब आज कैसे धने कोहरे से झांक रहे।
सूरज के साथ खेलना लूकाधिपी
सात रंगौं के साथ पककी दोसती।
अजीब ही आदत हैं इनकी,राजा हैं मन मरजी के
जब चाँहे आ धमके, मन हूआँ तो रिमझिम बरसे।

19 July, 2006. 8:56 pm

This poem is in Hindi, and what its saying is- talking about Indian Monsoon which is so unpredictable.

People become excited even by seeing the clouds, or little drizzling.

It’s the rain that brings the smile on farmer’s face when the crop goes green. A couple goes for walk in hand in hand and umbrella flies away. Or when traffic get struck up because of poor water congestion. Dirty water fills up in a small house where 8 people live in one room. When you sip the hot cup of tea with aloo pakore. And I write this by sitting in window and with in-between views of outside green & blue beauty.