a monk who sold her camera.

In essence of celebrating World Photography day– 19th august, I would like to share my perception on how monks & photographers are related.

Photography by Paavani, clicked at Bodhgaya, India

Monks are not simple human beings, they wear a peculiar dress and follow a set of rules. Just like photographers, they also observe extra ordinary in ordinary. Monks live an unconditional life and photographers try to give unconditional expressions via visuals. Monks change themselves from the very roots of his being and photographer present the things the way they want. A monk’s quest doesn’t end and a true photographer never gets tired of being hermit and rootless wandering habit to get her subject right. A monk gets peace when with God and a photographer gets solace with her gadgets which isn’t necessarily hi-fi. But just like having proper knowledge will lead a monk to a clearer route to God; proper equipment makes the findings easy for a photographer. But she can even do wonder with a mobile camera, and not necessarily a canon 5D mark II.

And if you have questions regarding what photographers do whole day, just like a monk, a whole day is less to pray (play) with images. So enjoy this photographic journey my dear photographer friends, and wishing lots such photography day (events & exhibitions) in your life.

Ps: it’s a pure religious post. A photographer relation with her camera and her respect hidden in photographs. Thank you.

Start acting. Save earth.

It was World Environment Day on 5th June.

So what special you did, forget about the other day through Every day is earth day.

Did you grow some plants? Save water by not wasting while bathing or cleaning cloths and took a bicycle to go to nearby place and pooled car with office colleagues.
Few simple things can make our earth SIMPLER.

I am not asking about what children will see in future but I am saying what WE will have in present even.
Fuel prices are going high, cooking gas price and electricity bill increasing. Do we really need Air conditioner life every time we step in (home/ office) and step out (Car). So many small things can make big difference.
Think and act. Time is now.

Please take care!

And here, my take on artificially created environment for animal’s survival.

Do we really need a showcase or a real show window to save our earth

Man must feel the earth to know himself and recognize his values…. God made life simple. It is man who complicates it.

Please Take care!

Let’s make a brand!

There is so much talk about Social Networking as hottest thing in 2007, even a network (Orkut) chosen as MTV youth icon 2007. It’s like making YOUR presence, staying in touch with people either for personal or professional growth.

And there was Time magazine (early 2007) cover page saying ‘Person of the Year is YOU’.
Recently I read an old article ‘Brand you by Tom Peters.
That made me to recall a quote by Isabel Allende “
You are the story teller of your own life, and you can create your own legend or not.

Quite true.
Whatever you are doing (or going to do) is reflecting in your personality.
Either the way you dress up or the way you hold the fork. Your very individualistic style to signature to the favorites programmes on T.V. Everything is composing you.
It’s not a simple system. One might feel it’s a single entity, but it’s a whole complex system that is composing the YOU.
And as Mr. Peters the management Guru says, there is no way to escape from the Me Inc. One has to create own brand. Now up to you how you do.

How to get BRANDED?

 The Brand You. How to stand out in similar looking crowd! Picture taken by Paavani

Compile- Strengths, Weakness, Power, External factors, Risks, Time (very important).
Just to make you stay focused on goals, how to achieve that.

Learn & Improve, Keep yourself updated.
What you learnt was past. Think future, work in present scenario. And for that updating skills and being informative is a need.

Stay Tuned
–  Meet others, Talk, Discuss, Argu, Laugh & Enjoy.
Express yourself. It not only gives attention but makes you happy too. And getting noticed among in crowd is important if you really thinking of Branding yourself. So either blog or upload a video on youtube but do something to shine.

Work, Family & Networking.
Don’t be you only, be the complete person. Know how to equilibrate everything. Getting the right rhythm to balance everything is making the real you.

Rejuvenate- Mentally and Physically.
Pamper yourself either with music, books or join health club. Keeping fit will make you more fresh and full of energy.
And come out with new innovative visionary ideas. After all you are the brand. Be Brand new in every stage of life.

There are so many How would you rise and shine in same and similar people.

Independent India

Independent India- Picture by Paavani

Is being free citizen our destination
& being independent without discrimination
Where there is no place for cast & creeds
With people respecting each other and doing deeds!

Or do we ask where is love, respect in our nation
With so much hatred, pain and suffocation
Casting shadows of pessimism
and saying follow the Gandhism!
Let’s starts a new vision
Be a true progressive Indian!

 9:12 pm, 13th August, 2007

 India is celebrating the 60th year of Independence.

A call: on Mobile.

It has been long time since I blogged about anything. What was it means: nothing new happening or was I so busy that didn’t get time. No, nothing like that. It was just that when there was over information flow, one get lost what to talk.
Silence is golden at times. )

BTW I was quite active in my Flickr (earlier I was not), I even wrote a guest blog article for Ping Mag (one of the best design blog, from Japan).
In my work place, I am learning many new things. And try to understand much more.
Any way, what’s happening in World? Especially in Design sector, that too in India? Always make more sense to Indian Designers.The Digital design experience or people in User interface design would be happy to know about Nokia’s first satellite design studio in India, Bangalore...will explore a range of design trends and themes, including detailed research into colour and material trends in India. It will also study use of mobiles for Internet in India and its implications for design, and examine innovative new features and uses for mobiles.
[Source : Hindu]

I expect, soon I will get a handset for elderly. Last month only I was looking for a mobile for 60+ in not so urbanized area, which has basic functions and easy to navigate interface. Sorry to say I didn’t get a single mobile handset which fit the bill.

Talking about mobile:

I would like to say– few models are so sleek & smooth that it can look good only on an executive hands. While a field worker continuous sweating hand will make it uncomfortable to hold.

So many features- do we really need it? Few don’t even want to send & receive SMS.

Price range versus features. If it is a 2K mobile, is it really helpful in getting what one want? Don’t compromise quality by adding too much.

So many models, with little difference, so much of confusion. From Samsung to Nokia to new Bleu. A sliding cell phone with similar looks.

Total money expenditure- a 3G phone with cool features. But your current service provider gives you all that good service to operate those? If yes, how costly is it? Or you have to change your years old mobile number.

Even if you browse internet on your blackberry and check emails after every 10 min. Is it comfortable or just leave you more frustrated?

Your mobile is more of FM/ Camera to click pictures secretly or more to mobile blog?

Once you are comfortable with your current handset. It got stolen/broke, and you switched to new model of same company. Do you feel ease to operate it? If no, why so much complexity to understand all navigational system of a handset.

Why mobile buttons are so small? Why no models catering to those who don’t have such sleek fingers to press the right tab?

Regional language settings are there- but how many really needy use it?

There are many more concerned areas; these are many more simple questions other than styling & color of cell phone.

I am really disappointed when I visited Nokia exclusive showroom and did not get a cellphone which display text/numbers in good contrast on a reasonably good screen size along with basic features that work in a small town. Like FM. I hope, new Nokia design studio work in more user friendly way and come up with designs that really cater to the person who need it for basic functions not a gizmo. As number of mobile users in India are more than other parts. And these maximum numbers of users don’t work in corporate offices of a metro.

Need an earthy treatment!

Our earth, our home has a day – 22nd april to celebrate and think and do some good actions. It was started by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970.

Someone is asking for help badly. Yes, our dear earth is in pain and need help from her 6.5 billion children. But are we listening, and / or doing something?

earth day- designed by Paavani

Not many of us have really thought of what we can do other than having long discussion or talking about ‘green design’ or sustainability to global warming etc.
Well, you can do some really basic things: 7 days and 7 tips !

1. Think about plants & trees as your lungs, whenever you smoke!2. Use your brain when trashing garbage or even a coke can.
3. Carry your bag when going to buy grocery.
4. Use technology but don’t let technology consume you!
5. Show your creative side, reuse the products.
6. Have/use water as it the most expensive liquid.
7. and last Being gadget freak is geek, going green is coolest!

After all, our earth is not well and we all are doctors and it’s high time that we show dedication for this single yet precious patient!

Play of Colors

Festivals means joy & celebrations but what about a festival ‘full of colors’. In India, especially north India this festival is celebrated with the name Holi or festival of colors. It falls in the early march month. This time it is on 3 & 4th march.


Holi has a significant role in Indian history and meaningful reasons to celebrate it with colors but with the changing time the way to play is also changed.
Yes, I am talking about the colors and it impact on health and environment.
Dry colors which are called Gulal or abeer (containing colorant + chips of Mica) are harmful for health specially if it go inside eyes or inhaled. Any artificial color or mud, grease are again very dangerous, so is throwing water filled balloons from certain height.

In old days dry flowers of flame of forest or tesu were used to make red & orange colors, Commonly find Indian spices like Turmeric, Saffron or Sandal wood, Henna leaves or Rose petals and Jacaranda & Marigold flowers etc can be use to make natural & safe colors. Which will not only give you joy to play with colors but also play a role in improving beauty.

on the name of Holi

Picking and smacking artificial colors from roadside vendors or Holi parties by drinking bhag (picked from Cannabis leaves), Thandai (a drink again) and eating lots of Holi special sweets just on the name of ‘Bura na mano holi hain’ which means don’t mind its Holi.

The after effect of Holi comes with uncleanness and visiting the doctor. But still you would love to play holi when you are in India and this festival of colors which denotes energy & passion towards life; you might love to stay and contribute for a Color, the ‘green color’ which asks for help from you by just not doing anything harmful to you. And you mean your surrounding environment. Go green- Play holi.

friendship with colors

And yes, don’t forget to watch this colorful video, which has a song and an eye opening message in the end.

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World’s Future: Children

As the world is getting technologically advanced, more Robo babies are getting created. But one should not forget the fact that our future is still with our children and we cannot give it in the hands of digitally controlled mind. Children, who are born every second even when there aren’t enough resources to provide them their basic rights – education; forget about the good toys which is very important for the upcoming creative minds.
Education Graph
If you are aware, UNESCO’s report (2007) on Global monitoring says:

India ranks a lowly 99 on a scale of 125 on the education development index.
Worldwide 77 million children are out of school in which the ratio of girl child is 53%. In India itself 4.5 million children are deprived of basic education. Though the literacy rate has improved by 70%; there were 25 million children out of school in 2002.

Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan scheme by Indian government tried to help children but there are many other factors associated with it like the health that needs to be addressed. It is pretty understandable that when parents can’t afford a one day meal for child, how can they send them to school. Even the schools hardly have teachers and infrastructure to retain the student for long. Situation is still better in urban areas but a big population lives in rural and backward areas of India – and that is where the problem is amplified.

Then there comes UNDP’s Human development report for 2006, which cleary says how important sanitation is. Good sanitation can decrease the death ratio of kids and help the government to work more on education. An interesting fact is that Dharavi, Mumbai – biggest slum in Asia – has one toilet for 1,440 people.
Diseaases like Dengue and Chickungunia has made Indians a little more aware about the importance of clean water and sanitation. On the other end, Diarrhoea is the second biggest killer among children – and the rate beats all other countries.

Is there no solution to prevent a child who, when born, opened his eyes and thought that he will see a clean & green world? It’s our duty to think about such innocent’s future which is, in a way, connected to our prosperous growth. Would you not like to be in a place where there is no mess in the surrounding environment? Would you not like to no longer see children lying in dust as you walk down?

Today I read a very interesting article on Business week on Acumen’s New model which says – By joining designers’ innovative solutions with finance from capital markets, the Acumen Fund aims to effect permanent change.
“Lack of money is no longer the major hindrance to solving many of the world’s most intractable social problems.… Charitable giving overall has jumped 23% in the past four years. And there’s growing interest among investors eager to fund for-profit businesses that have both social and economic impact…
Acumen uses classic consumer-focused design methods to solve the problems of poverty.
Rather than beginning with the structures at hand and making assumptions about what is possible, Acumen begins with the needs of the truly poor.”

The facts for this article are taken from Times of India (10th Nov, 2006) And Hindustan Times (9th Nov, 2006) Newspaper.

A welcome back.

Ever took a break from the same routine
changed the background, cast & scene

where there were light
which was sparkling bright
Celebration was at full mood
floating diyas and flowers full bloomed.
It’s like waking up from a siesta
entering into a different fiesta
Old friends met and giggled
so many memories drizzled
Took a walk on the same warm roads,

saw things from the different views.
In the canvas of life we met, we got lost
any puzzle is meant to get solved.
Carnival continues
there is no adieu.

11:31 pm, 29th Oct. 2006

same text is written in the card below. The purpose of writing it again is thinking about Usability.

Welcome back Card

Nothing much to say, there was no blog break. It’s just that because of Diwali (the festival of light) there were a long holiday. Then visiting the campus and meeting old pals.

Some new randomly clicked pictures are added.

The changing bond.

Today is Raksha bandhan, that fall every year in the month of Shravan month on the day of Purnima. ( Shravan => the month in which rain happens, And Purnima => full moon).

Rakhi, a chaste bond between a brother and sister showed by tying a knot of resham (silk) thread around the wrist of brother. It means now it’s your (brother) duty to protect the sister from all that is evil. And sister prays for the long life of brother.

It’s hugely celebrated in north region of India but Rakhi also happen in different states by different names. The history behind the Rakhi is also worthy to check.
This festival is celebrated by tying rakhi ( earlier it used to made of kaccha Dhaga but mostly its made of silk, silver thread and beautifully decorated with colorful sequins, sandal wood & stones etc. and don’t forget to check this year great demanded rakhis of Hanuman & Krish films characters), performing aarti, sweets and praying. And brother present rakhi gifts (in hindi – shagun). Quite simple but has a long followed ritual behind it.

Last minute Rakhi shopping.

If a reality check is done than pick up this week newspaper, one will see lots & lots of print ads saying- sirf shagun hi kafi nahi (Only giving money or gifts are not enough). Chocolates ads and then all big to small names in jewelry telling if you really love your sister give her this earring and if really want to show more love present her ring too. From radio to TV channels that ringing the ring tone to dedicate your brother this raksha bandhan. It’s the changing lifestyles with the advancement of the technologies.

Now what the people says- another holiday or really a day to follow the old tradition. Youngsters say its lots of fun and a day to enjoy. Few example:- I don’t have own brother but will go out with my cousin, will watch film in a multiplex after all that’s a day to enjoy with family. Yes family. So someone else told I will give lots of chocolates to my younger brother, he simply love it. Ladies are more interested in doing shopping after all monsoon sales is here. Gaudy salwar kamezz from Lajpat nagar, jhooti (a footwear which very much in trend) and buying branded jewelry as there is 15% off. So much is there to buy and too much rush in market. Mouth watering sweets from Haldiram’s and long sweating wait before you reach to buy a handi of rasogulla. There is tremendous joy in buying rakhis after putting mehandi in hands and doing chak –chak with shop keeper (the usual bargaining). This is very common scene in Delhi, you can see it in any local market.

By the way good news the introduction of water proof, wear & tear resistant rakhis envelopes to send your rakhis safely to any part. So many states are already suffering with flood and too many places got red alert. The need of such envelopes was thought by Indian postal department and material (Tyvek) re-sourcing from DuPont These envelopes are available from post offices. It’s a good deal, 5 Rs. Price for a single envelope earlier I thought it’s quite expensive as postage charge extra. But middle class is ready to buy through the awareness about such product is not too much.

Rakhi envelopes- Tyvek.