Moods of Monsoon.

Im an instant poet. What I mean by this, I generally don’t write poems. Neither in hindi nor in english but when a line or some words strikes in my mind I make it rythmic. I always finish it with in few minutes otherwise I can’t complete it. That’s why my poems are result of 10-15 minutes and I call it Instant poem.
here goes one of such poem after ages.


आँसू बहूमूलय या बारिश की बूँद,कया पता
गरज कर बरसे,या चुपचाप हूए लापता।
वो बडती धङकन थी, या बिजली की कङक
दूर छूपे है इतने जहॉ ना जाती कोई सडक।
सूनहरी धूप से झाँकते रूई के गौलौं
हाथौ से ना पकङौ, नजरौ से टटलौ।
जब पास बुलाया था तो दूर चले गये

अब आज कैसे धने कोहरे से झांक रहे।
सूरज के साथ खेलना लूकाधिपी
सात रंगौं के साथ पककी दोसती।
अजीब ही आदत हैं इनकी,राजा हैं मन मरजी के
जब चाँहे आ धमके, मन हूआँ तो रिमझिम बरसे।

19 July, 2006. 8:56 pm

This poem is in Hindi, and what its saying is- talking about Indian Monsoon which is so unpredictable.

People become excited even by seeing the clouds, or little drizzling.

It’s the rain that brings the smile on farmer’s face when the crop goes green. A couple goes for walk in hand in hand and umbrella flies away. Or when traffic get struck up because of poor water congestion. Dirty water fills up in a small house where 8 people live in one room. When you sip the hot cup of tea with aloo pakore. And I write this by sitting in window and with in-between views of outside green & blue beauty.

Green Alphabets.

5th June- The world environment day.
So what are you doing today, planting or what great are you doing to make our world green?
World, which is loosing the greenness of it day by day as the consumption of hardware and robotic life is expanding, World where global warming is increasing and source of water is evaporating. What are you guys doing, why not learn something; like Alphabets!

A – Awareness – Making people aware, they are literate still they don’t know.
B – Beware – Warn them, what they are loosing, what will not see at all in near future.

C – Confess – What bad & good you did to your mother Earth.
D – Degradable – What ever you create/generate is it degradable.
E- Eco friendly – Go eco friendly- Take a jute bag, Wear khadi.
F- Friends– Talk to trees, Yes, you never know your next design‘s form and functionality is inspired from a plant.

G – Green design – Think green, to generate green designs ideas.
H – Honor it – Environment gives you so much like O2, one should be grateful.
I – Imagine – If I am a tree, what would ‘I’ expect from the world full of humans like us.
J – Join – Communities/ groups/ Network to spread the message and to learn from others.

K – Keep cleanness – don’t spit, don’t throw garbage on roads.
L – Love it – Love the smell of nature that you can’t enjoy by sitting in an A.C. room.
M- Make it happen – even a single person’s steps can make it happen.
N – No to pollution – Noise/ water or any kind of.
O – Obey the rule – Know your rights and follow it.

P – Prevent the extinct – Wildlife animals even the existing one before it’s too late.
Q – Quit bad habits – Like smoking.
R – Recyclable products – Use it i.e. using handmade paper will save 1 tree at least.
S – Sustainability – Whenever design, manufacturing think of it.

T – Trees – Plant a tree and celebrate it birthday.
U – Use wisely – Save the resources- don’t waste water, paper, petrol or anything, use it wisely.
V – Vivacious – Full of life where wind is passing from green tress, dew drops are shining bright in sun light.
X – Xperimental – Don’t restrict yourself; come up with ideas that are really good to protect our earth.

Y – Young – As you like to stay young, full of energy why not do the same for Earth.
Z – Zing up – With all this show up vigor for green and clean earth.

So are you ready to Go Green !

Paavani © 2006
Disclaimer :
When some of friends doubted by saying its not written by me, here I have to mentioned it’s by me only and 45 min effort to write and if you see, these alphabets are more focused on ‘Green design’.

Knowledge Upgradation.

‘Books are the best friends’. So is being a bookworm is more important or keeping own self updated. I have seen many people who love to read a lot for information gathering. And there are people who don’t like to read much. There is contradiction yet what is common in both, both keep themselves updated with the latest and familiar with old. Then there are two more groups- who don’t read at all, just thinks what the need after college and getting a job, remain in hidden inside a cocoon. Or there are people who read lots not useful. And one specific sector how can I forget because at times I feel I belong to that group J who reads (or like) but can’t remember after sometime.
I found a very interesting post ‘the myth of Keeping up’. Here Kathy is talking about:

What you plan to read and what actually you read in a week.
I have seen my IT friends reading a lot of technology stuff, all coding related books but at times forgetting about the other important and relevant information. A software engineer might say why I read about the making of this part or it is not so important for me too know about assemblance of this when there is 24 hours availability of system administrator or so in company. Instead I read more about .net. Like a doctor would be much interested in knowing about what technologies related to health but would neglect the other area that might be useful at a rare time when he is working on his laptop.
Just like designers who might be not much interested in reading literature and would not like to know about history which could be useful at times. Design schools faculties always says to students to read newspaper daily and knowing little bit about business and economics and for that they never get time.
Time is such a factor that restrict ourselves numbers of times even when we are really interested in knowing and reading about that. At times we have such a long list of ‘to read’ or subscribe to so many groups and newsletters that we hardly get times. Even check your blogroll it might be so long that by the time you get chance to visit your favorite blog it has been a month and you missed an interesting post.
In past few years I have observed lots of people reading habits; specially youngsters. I have seen employers reading their favorite novels while sipping a cup of tea or browsing their favorite blog in-between the boring work- life. Then there are college students half sleeping with heavy books or visit library for sleeping in AC and school kids mugging the school books. Even few of my friends don’t read newspaper (even headlines) at all and don’t watch TV. The only way to know about world for them is listening from others mouth. Then few can’t sleep without reading a novel. And there are people like me who save things to read soon. And this ‘soon’ neither comes sooner or later.

I was thinking what basically make difficult for people to read and remember or hurdles after overcoming the time problem:

– Few subjects are so hard to understand that one will give up just by having a glance, few seems so boring that you can’t start and few seems like I know about it or read similar before so why to read.

– One more issue is how we read. Reading while traveling is worst way to read. You can’t remember much this way. Reading half sleepy is again make no sense. Reading but not paying attention much to content but more to people around you. The lighting or the ambience.
– Reading so much that there is over flowing of information and you loose track what you read exactly and mix up the information.
– Reading for the sake of reading like you have to subscribe to that many newsletters so have to finish but your mind is thinking simultaneously about the project deadline.
– Buying so many books and getting confused what to start first.
– I read about this & that now I want to blog about it. So while reading your brain is more working what will I write if I have to talk on this subject while missing the already said contents.

Well there could more issues but who am I to talk as myself is very bad reader.

Liking the disliked.

Remember a story, a boy in search of the greenest, longest grass; kept walking by thinking he might fine the best one. In the end there were no too good ones. And the rule was that he can’t turn back.
People (read: designing students) keep hunting for best projects that they would like to work on but in all this they are simply neglecting the ones that might have some hidden potential.
The basis of rejecting a project could be:
– Company is not too big.
– Stipend (& perks) is not too good.

– The place is not too good to live for.
: Traffic : water : food etc.
– Project is not so interesting.
– People.
– Lack of resources.

There could be end numbers of reasons or say excuses on the name hunting for projects.
I have seen my friends cribbing about this & that. The system doesn’t help in finding out or even if they get they keep applying everywhere.
They take months even years for finalizing to a project by the time, who is paying for institute’s fee, who is ruining the precious time and most of all who is hurting the self esteem.

What I personally don’t like when they say, it’s not a good subject to work or simply I don’t like. But at times what one initially found non interesting goes to an interesting end. At times one starts liking the unlike topics.
How can one define its not so good, boring thing to do. See, the main thing would be then making the boring more interesting. Challenge would be that, how to execute it in such a manner that comes to a great solution. If it’s already clear then what the point it carrying it forward on the name of designing. As the design word says – solving a problem.
Through some general problems comes that’s could come on later stage of life too. Like how to manage with given resources, manpower, working in an industry etc. These kinds of things have to happen sooner or later. Just by being a student for how long can you avoid these situations.
Being a Designer is not so simple and hunting for good projects is not at all easy.

Idea Vs. Presentation

What matters more, an idea or the way idea is presented? Did you ever think why a good idea fails when other with just ok one could be the winner?

I personally found that lots of people have great ideas, like when they are communicating to others but when the time come to see the final show it did not turn out to be so good. Like, take the case of a team of 2-3 people participating for a design competition, they have solid ideas but they are busy in adding more interesting features in a product while forgetting about the how it will look. They are doodling out nicely but now no much time left for the rendering or making a nice layout. That’s how the things turn. Same time second team started working on Rhino or 3-D max and rendered it with cool textures and did good Photoshop effects and added nice words about describing the product and the end result turn out to be so good that even if their product have only few features but it has everything- detailed drawing, nicely made product and good descriptions. Not only in a competition but also notice the way ideas are presented in company. Here communication plays a major role, by taking help of well defined presentation, use of diagram, conceptual product images and points in bullets.

I was wondering what would be the essential for portraying an idea successfully

Communication : Either you are presenting your ideas verbally, written or visually it should be communicable. In the 2nd two cases (Written & visually) – self explanatory even if in orally then also because at times people are not li stening what you are talking but seeing.
Layout : Choosing a nice layout always distinguish you from rest.

Pick up the font size, font style & font colors in a way that one could easily understand. As a rule, don’t use more than 2 font type, offcourse one can play around with thickness of font.
Visualization : It’s a fact that people not only understand but also retain more information if it is presented visually well. So using graph, process flow chart is a good thing or use storyboard but it should not be complicated or time consuming to prepare. It gives a general idea to the people (Technician, artists.).

Product/ design image : Putting your idea along with the product drawing make sense as other will know what actually you are trying to say. If time is constraint at least put the sketch. Along with it put little bit product information in approximately figures that will explain how big or small the product is going to be.

Variation : If possible, present your idea with variation through different drawing, images. As it will give precise understanding of how the product would look in other color, size or that feature.
Material, process & technology : don’t forget to mention what material/s would be use where, how parts will join together or what technology is going to use in it. Further refinement will keep happening but it will give a clear view to others.

Preliminary Study : If ideas is a manifestation of an existing product or similar kind of product do exist, make it a point to mention it while presenting your idea. Otherwise, other might claim, they have seen similar kind of product. Other strong point, this way you could say, what more potential your idea have that existing one didn’t.
Facts & figures : If idea is catering to a mass or a particular segment always do some research in collecting general facts & figures either by searching on internet or going to library or bookstore. This speaks how serious you are about the idea.
Costing : Through at the initial stage it’s not important to think of cost but one should have a rough idea what would be the cost if going to execute it. Second, while presenting the ideas, others too can make suggestion.
Loopholes or problem area : Don’t forget to mention it, it’s not about being honest about your idea but also will give the chance to come up with solution to tackle it while presenting or afterwards.
Be prepared : Be prepared about how you are going to present the ideas; what would be the opening line, when to show the sketch or technical drawing. And how you will answer the others questions. Practice before going to talk about your idea. Rehearsal always helps as it generates the questions that might be asked by audience.

Few More points to add –
Learn softwares : You not have to be good in sketching but also be very good with presentations software like Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Rhino, solidworks etc.
Writing skills : Writing in designing matter. Have good vocabulary, write something creative either maintains an online journel (Blog).
Keep yourself Updated : Read good designing books, check good blogs etc and never forget to read a newspaper regularly, atleast re ad headlines. Yeah, keep yourself updated with everything that is happening in world either politics, sports or economy.
Be confident : There are people with ego who will simply deny the ideas. There is hierarchy in company, being a junior designer doesn’t mean your ideas left unheard.
Know yourself : Self realization, what is strong about you, where you are lagging behind and how to improve. 1st of realizing, 2nd is approving it.

Time factor : Time management is important as well as the time in terms of future of an idea. The idea is like a baby. Think in terms of the growth of it
Listen & learn : Listen more, talk less. Try to understand what other is saying instead of not giving the chance to speak or arguing. Give suggestion but 1st Listen.
Discuss among friends : Talk to others about it, like, what they think about it. Either when you talking to your design school classmate or your ex colleague on messenger.

There could be more points but it does not mean one rely on the way idea is going to portray. In the end of the day, it’s actually the potential that an idea have creates the distinction. Your idea should have essence otherwise all the hard work one did will be waste. I asked to my friends (Industrial as well as visual communication), what they think- idea matters or the way idea is presented. Whatever, but the general people (read- Designers!) perception is the way idea is presented. By claiming, the core of idea goes to trash if not presented well. Through most of them accepted its both that matters. But none of them denied the power of presentation.

Don’t go for multitasking. Use Multimind.

Mutlitasker is the buzzword now a days either found in a fresher’ resume or in a conversation with friends. I can manage 5 things at time; driving talking over phone, smoking, listening the endless talks of girlfriend and music. That’s what we do, either at home or in workplace.
But see, the time taking in doing many things at a time & total time of doing the things. Its not about taking more time but also about the quality of the work. That’s what the new research tells. “Kids that are instant messaging while doing homework, playing games online and watching TV, I predict, aren’t going to do well in the long run.” From Time Magazine (Via : Creating Passionate Users).

Sure, one could perform multitask at a time, but what the end result would be, specially in the case of creative field, where people doing design & development and when mind stop bringing any great idea after a time. After all our brain have certain number of pattern and out ideas or concepts could be based & comes from there only.
Ok, multitasking is not so good but what about ‘Multi mind’. Yes, did you ever realize when you are doing brainstorming with others, words strike faster than ever. Or when you are discussing a problem with your colleagues, you are able to generate much more practical & good concepts. And in a way it promotes healthy peer work. Anyway, this is more about multitasking and people who are so much addicted to it that they couldn’t leave this thing even while sleeping. Go, and read more here.